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Commentary: Not like the movies

Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief

The typical college experience is depicted in movies as the most exciting time of any person’s life full of parties, Greek life and experiencing new things. The depiction is pretty accurate, especially the extreme drug and alcohol use, and the open sex lives.

However in my case, I make movies look like liars. I do not drink, I do not use drugs, illegal or legal, and my sex life is as nonexistent as it can possibly be. Am I upset by this? Not one bit.

Call me a goody-goody and I will embrace the title. I find alcohol and sex to be unnecessary at this point and drugs are never going to find a place in my life

Do I actually enjoy my life? Most definitely. I have many other ways of having fun than going to parties I will not remember the next week. I hang out with friends, go see movies, go shopping, read, write, play music and a lot of other things.

These avenues of fun may not be your cup of tea, or may make me sound boring, but that is your opinion and it is your right to feel that way.

I would rather spend my weekend relaxing and talking to people while creating memories than go to a frat party. College students argue, “But that party was so awesome. I got completely wasted so I don’t remember a thing!”

How do you remember the moments if you were drunk and not able to think or act rationally? You do not remember what happened, so how is that any fun?

Illegal drugs are illegal for a reason, yet it is somehow “hip” to get high and lose your ability to process information for temporary pleasure.

Even legal drugs, which destroy your health, give you that temporary satisfying feeling.

Then of course there is sex. That once “taboo outside of marriage” act people now enjoy with multiple partners. Yet most do not think of any consequences when they are engaging in their pleasuring sexual activities.

Just because I am a virgin does not mean I am naive about sex; it is everywhere and would be ignorant not to educate myself. It also does not mean I do not have the ability to maintain a relationship.

Granted, I have had to end relationships over the topic but it has made me learn what I want in a man.

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year and he respects my decision, partly because he shares the same belief. He does not push me or I him, because we recognize the foundation of a fervent relationship is not purely physical.

When we go on a date, I do not have to worry how the night will end. I can enjoy the present and the time I get to spend with him.

A condom will not protect you from heartache and it will not protect you 100 percent from diseases or pregnancy either.

Sex gives you yet another momentary feeling of fulfillment, only to leave you wanting more.

Temporary. That is what everyone searches for. The temporary pleasure with no strings attached and no commitment. However there are strings attached to any temporary thing.

Alcohol, drugs and sex can create a never-ending addiction; they cause post-use stress and have damaging effects.

I glorify the fact I do not have to worry about being pregnant or having an STD. I love not stressing about school because I know I will not be high or hung-over for my exams on Monday morning. But most of all, I like that I will remember the moments in life, good or bad.

Call me old-fashioned or out-dated but I will have my first alcoholic beverage when I turn 21, I will never do drugs and my first sexual encounter will be with my husband. It is how I was brought up, it is what I believe and so far, it has worked out just fine.

Kristen Campbell, a sophomore journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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