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Do not take their word for it

Believing in a cause is a great thing, and as citizens we should all do our part to help out some sort of non-profit organization.

But when our beliefs begin to stem from the endorsements of celebrities, there is something very wrong with that picture.

Lady Gaga decided to take to the web to plead with United States Senators to get them to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The video ended up all over Facebook and gossip sites like

Perez Hilton called Lady Gaga an inspiration and how she should be applauded for her courage to stand up to the government. People on Facebook said she was amazing.

While her intentions are great, it is nowhere near amazing. She was reading off of cue cards and was not even making an attempt to hide it. Just because Lady Gaga supports the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell does not mean we have to.

Celebrities have every right support a cause but they should keep their campaigning to a minimum. They should know that in today’s society they are a big influence and a many people follow their every move.

People are going to see their favorite singer or reality star supporting the ASPCA or the WWF and are going to want to support it, when they may not even know what it is, they could even be an avid hunter.

We are all guilty of following celebrity trends and secretly wanting to be one for a day, but we should not let our love celebrity culture influence us in something as important as choosing a political party or a candidate for office.

When famous people publicly endorse candidates it makes it seem like it is the popular thing to vote for that person. When Oprah endorsed President Obama, he gained the votes of millions of people all across the country.

These people may have voted for him because of his policies or his economic plans for the country, but because Oprah is voting for him and if what Oprah says goes.

It is great that celebrities have their beliefs, but we should not let their decisions influence ours.

We should do the research and look into what we are supporting.

When we back a party, a non-profit organization, or a cause it should because we are 100 percent informed and believe in it.

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