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Group brings religion to busy ULV students

Nolasco Pesina
Staff Writer

Even with the busy schedule of a college student, with help from Christ’s X Factor – a Christian religious group on campus – students who are interested in maintaining their Christian connections may do so.

“Our mission statement is to inspire fellow La Verne students and the community to live purpose driven lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Tiffany Spears, president of Christ’s X Factor said.

Last year Christ’s X Factor began to establish itself as a club, but this year the club is making changes to improve itself.

“This year we’re trying to reach out a little more than we did last year with flyers, on Facebook and we even have plans for a bowling night,” Samuel Rhone, vice president of Christ’s X Factor, said. “We are trying to reach out any way we can.”

The club’s attempt to reach out to the students at the university has worked for them. The club went from seven members last year to nearly 20 this year.

“Even though we have grown, it’s not really a size thing for us, it’s more of an impact thing,” Rhone said. “And the impact comes from our lessons truly being from the Bible and not formed by a person.”

“This year we’ve also moved from talking so much about passages to talking more on topics,” said club president Tiffany Spears. “It’s what students are interested in listening to because that’s what they are going through so it helps them.”

The club meetings are different from a traditional church session. The biggest difference is that members aren’t being preached to.

“It’s a very open, casual and welcoming environment,” Ashley Cole, treasurer of Christ’s X Factor said.

“We come in and listen to what is being said, and give our input on the topic,” Cole added.

“I originally came to Christ’s X Factor because I wanted to reconnect with my faith and be able to balance everything in my life in order to reconnect with God and figure out what I wanted in life,” Cole said.

“If you come you will hear something that will change your view on things, and it’s not made up its scripture based,” Rhone said.

Christ’s X Factor is open to all denominations.

Members consider the club to be an interactive learning experience about God.

“This is an environment that allows students to reconnect with God,” Cole said.

Between students studying and working they are often very busy, but with this club they are able to keep in touch with God, Cole said .

Christ’s X Factor meets from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays in the University Chapel.

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