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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Last week’s editorial on the Opinions page (“ULV should consider green energy,” Oct. 22) was very timely. While that article was being written, the University was in the process of submitting an application for an energy grant that will, if successful, allow us to pilot a photovoltaic project on campus. Facility and Technology Services has been exploring solar alternatives for about a year now and a few weeks ago had a site assessment performed to determine locations best suited for photovoltaic installations.

After reviewing the alternatives, we selected the roof of the Arts and Communications Building as the best spot for the initial installation of solar panels. The roof is south-facing, hidden from the street below (city aesthetics), and already cantilevered, making it an ideal setup for a solar array. We believe the installation of solar panels on this roof will provide up to 66 percent of the electricity used in the building each year.

These panels are expected to have a lifespan of 20 or more years (although the inverter is usually replaced after 10-12 years). With flat electrical rates, the pay back on this project would be about 11-12 years, but with a successful grant application, a five-year rebate program from SCE, and rates increasing at an average of 6 percent a year, the real payback could be less than six years. If all goes well, the computers in the building the Campus Times reporters use to produce the weekly newspaper could soon be drawing electricity from a renewable, green source. We are excited about the possibility of installing our first photovoltaic array and look forward to expanding our alternative energy capacity at La Verne as funding and opportunity allows.

Clive K. Houston-Brown
Associate Vice President/Chief Information Officer

Dear Editor,

My concerns with the article “Lopez speaks on ‘Soloist’” (Oct. 15) lie within the poor quality of the article itself. I do not know who edited the article, nor do I personally know the reporter who wrote it, but I expect much more from the staff of the Campus Times. The article was littered with punctuation and grammatical errors, and frankly, the writing itself was juvenile and even a couple of the quotations were unintelligible: “Being honest with you here I respect you enough to tell you the truth but then I got sucked in he is a charming guy you realize that there is an opportunity to do some good.” I am very disappointed that the article, which reported on a topic that was very interesting and memorable to the campus, was so misrepresented and lacking in any kind of substance. I am ashamed that this piece is what’s representing the students of La Verne out in the community. I, personally, do not want to be represented based on the quality of the Campus Times, and I know there would be many others who agree with me.
Please do a much more thorough job of editing the articles before they continue to write childish articles.

Lauren Lahn

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