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LV should pick up the Work-Study slack

Before the beginning of each school year, financial aid packages arrive in the mail for current and upcoming University of La Verne students.

These show how much money they have to come up with to continue attending this institution, sometimes forcing them to take out loans.

As years have passed, the government has slowly cut college students’ federal financial aid in an attempt to get out of debt.

As a result, far fewer students receive Federal Work- Study and less are able to work in the various departments that hire student workers.

We believe ULV should fund the former Work-Study jobs, so students have better chance at affording their four-year education.

We know numerous departments on campus do not have money in their budgets to hire workers at minimum wage for regular job positions, and these departments are awfully understaffed, to everyone’s detriment.

Many positions students could have filled now sit empty, while faculty and staff are overworked – or services like the campus fitness center offers only limited hours.

Granted, Work-Study is still offered to some students based on financial need.

But what about the rest of the student body at ULV in need?

Although the federal government is in huge debt, it needs to be more concerned about college students –  and help us stay in college – since we are the ones who will be running the world sooner than they think.

Federal Work-Study not only aids in paying for tuition, it also allows students to acquire work experience to put on their resumes when it comes to applying for a job upon graduation.

However until the federal government decides to be generous, ULV, which is now in the black, needs to increase each department’s budget so their empty positions can be filled.

The lack of filled positions limits the school’s resource availability and wastes positions that can be filled by students who do not have the ability to get a job elsewhere.

For example, the school weight room is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the time most students are taking their necessary classes.

When they finally have the time to work out, the weight room is closed forcing students who wish to practice healthier lifestyles to pay for a monthly gym membership.

Also, some ULV residents do not have transportation so they cannot apply for jobs that are not within walking distance of our campus.

The very few non-Work-Study jobs on campus are provided by Sodexo, the school’s dining company, or the Campus Center, where plenty of money has already gone.

Let’s put the student body to work.

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