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Record high temperatures hit Southern California

Michael Lightenberg, of the Chino Ice Service, brings ice to the empty ice chest at Circle K. Lightenberg has delivered ice over the last few days which have been the hottest on record. Circle K has become a refuge from the heat for students and locals alike, with its supply of ice, slushies and other frozen commodities./ photo by Warren Bessant

Carly Hill
Arts Editor

With temperatures in La Verne hitting record highs, students who live on campus are having trouble dealing with the heat.

Since Sunday, the heat wave has taken the temperature in La Verne above 100 degrees, topping at 109 on Monday.

Walking to class has become a burden, and the Campus Center is loaded with students trying to study and avoid the sweltering temperatures outside.

Students who are residents of Stu-Han and Brandt halls on campus are feeling the heat.

Without air conditioning, these dorm buildings have become almost unbearable.

“It’s hard to get anything done when you have to worry about getting heat stroke,” Nick Cortez, freshman psychology major and Brandt resident, said.

Many students have invested in fans to keep it cooler in their rooms.

“My friends and I bring our fans with us everywhere we go (in Brandt),” Jessica Nunez, freshman biology major, said.

“I just can’t stand being in the dorms.”

The heat has caused a problem for students trying to study in their rooms.

“Sometimes I get frustrated with my work because it is so hot,” Emerson Arias, freshman biology major and Brandt resident, said.

In response to the intense heat, the Campus Center has allowed students to sleep in the air conditioned building for the duration of the high temperatures.

“Students are allowed to sleep in any lounges, as long as they are in areas that they can be easily seen in,” said Roddy Cobb, junior psychology major who helped organize the sleep-over.

Students can arrive at the Campus Center after 9 p.m., and must be out between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Although no one used the Campus Center on Sunday night, 10 residents, mostly from Stu-Han, slept in the building on Monday night.

“We don’t want to sleep in a public place, there aren’t a lot of couches and it’s very impersonal,” Lauren Brown, junior English major and Stu-Han resident assistant, said.

Some students choose to survive the heat in their own ways.

“I drink eight glasses of water a day or keep the fan on all day,” Arias said.

Until the weather cools down, there is not much that students can do.

“I think paying this much, we deserve air conditioning in the dorms,” Cynthia Avalos, freshman psychology major and Brandt resident, said.

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Vincent Prado, Sergio Munoz, Anthony Cerafice and Mark Larini are among the ULV students trying to escape the heat. Doug Waite, associate director of the Campus Center, said the thermostat in the building is set between 72 and 74 degrees. On Monday, Waite said, the system kicked in earlier than usual because of the high outside temperature. / photo by Jakeh Landrum

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