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Restaurant Review: Dehli Palace offers spicy delights

Sukhwant Sanghera, owner of the Delhi Palace Express, bakes traditional naan bread in a clay oven daily for his restaurant. The Delhi Palace has offered authentic Indian cuisine in Claremont for over five years. Delhi Palace Express offers an array of good tasting food at inexpensive prices. The restaurant has a buffet style setting with vegetarian and non vegetarian meal options. / photo by Garrett Gutierrez

Marilyn Mejia
Staff Writer

When I walked into Delhi Palace Express, the first thing that struck me was the bright walls and the aroma of spices. The next thing I noticed was the big genuine smile of Raoimder Gill, one of the employees at Delhi.

After welcoming me with a warm hello, Gill explained to me how to order at the buffet style restaurant. I chose three vegetarian options at random. My order also included rice and naan, a garlicky Indian flat bread.

I sat down and ate my food in an almost empty restaurant.

Though while I was there, a few people got their food to go which made it clear that it is mostly a take out restaurant.

When I spoke to the owner Sukhwant Singh he explained that fast food is not the only reason the restaurant was empty.

“With this economy a lot of businesses are going down, and we are not getting as many people,” Singh said.

But the lack of business did not seem to bring down Singh and his wife who attended to each costumer that came in with warm smiles.

“They are very nice, always friendly, the price is right, and there is always a great variety,” Michelle Coley said.

Coley is a regular at Delhi and said that she comes at least twice a week because she loves the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant.

I loved the food though the spices of Indian food are a bit much for an everyday lunch, I would recommend Delhi for a casual lunch if you are in the area.

My favorite part of my meal was the garbanzo beans in a savory sauce.

I don’t really like garbanzo beans but I really enjoyed this meal.

The combination of the smell of the food and it is several spices transported me to India for a few minutes. The food at Delhi is perfect for the cold days and rainy season.I will definitely be going back to Delhis.

Even if the food had been mediocre, I would still go back for the great costumer service and extremely clean facilities.

I really liked the location of the restaurant, it is in the Claremont Village and compared to other restaurants it is truly unique in the food, the décor, and the culture of the restaurant.

If I had to rate this restaurant on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a seven.

The costumer service is great and the restaurant offers a very relaxed and quiet atmosphere. The food is full of flavor but can be overwhelming.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is willing to try something new.

Marilyn Mejia can be reached at

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