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Ryan Bueter gets down and dirty

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Piano player Ryan Bueter invites Auneet Nijjar and Amanda Flores up front Monday night to sing along to his cover of Lady Gaga’s “Papparazzi.” Bueter took requests and played covers on his piano late into the night at the Campus Center Ballroom. Students also enjoyed nachos, hot wings and mocktails provided by the Campus Activities Board. Bueter is known for entertaining crowds at the bar Piano, Piano. / photo by Chris Guzman

Marilyn Mejia
Staff Writer

Students were laughing and clapping on beat this Monday to the sound of Ryan Bueter singing comical lyrics and playing his piano Monday night.

The night was filled with audience interaction which included students dancing in front of the crowd to “Grease Lightning,” and the crowd as a whole singing to songs that everyone knew.

Bueter performed in the Campus Center to a room full of students, some of which had seen him play before at his usual job, entertaining people 21 and over at the bar Piano,Piano.

“Sometimes people will think that alcohol will make people a little more fun, but I didn’t really see a difference between 21 and over and the students,” Bueter said.

The event was sponsored by the Campus Activities Board.

CAB served mocktails to mimic the club atmosphere, as well as typical bar food such as nachos and hot wings.

The foot was delicious and students were lined up to get a taste, said Kacey Hall, senior teaching major.

The unconventional style of Beuter had the room going with energy as the crowd listened to raunchy lyrics and jokes that were randomly added to well known songs.

“He does a lot of sexual innuendo and gets people riled up,” said Michael Lindsey business management major.

Lindsey was in charge of the event and invited Bueter to ULV after hearing his music at Piano, Piano.

He thought he could bring Bueter’s comical performance to students who may not be able to attend Piano, Piano because they are underage.

“It was a blast, these people were great,” Bueter said.

Students seemed to think the same thing of Bueter judging by the constant interaction that the audience had with him. He asked audience members to request songs, sing with him and dance in front of people.

Bueter said that although he has been doing sing along piano shows for 13 years this performance was different from his usual show because he is accustomed to playing with a partner, but took this show solo.

“You have to work a little harder when you play by yourself,” Bueter said.

The audience reacted well to his solo show, expecially the variety of songs and the familiarity of the music.

“He played a bunch of songs that everybody knew and we all had a good time,” said Phil Velasco, technical theatre major.

Bueter’s performance included songs from several different music genres, including Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry” and The Beatles’ “Let It Be.”

Many students stayed until the performance was over.

“I liked that he played really well with the crowd and that he knew a lot of different kinds of music,” Hall said.

There was never a dull moment with Bueter, who believes that a comedic performance is the best way to get the crowd excited.

He could often be heard making sexual jokes and pulling audience members into his performance which gave the night a fun and playful atmosphere.

The night ended with a very soulful rendition of “Let It Be” that the majority of the room sang along to, and then Beuter said his goodbyes to his audience.

He ended his set by telling audience members that if they liked his performance, they should invite him back to ULV.

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