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Stop the mudslinging

Mudslinging has always been an interesting side effect of elections. Commercials are broadcast smearing each candidate, exposing the skeletons in their closets.

Which happens every time an election is about to occur. Which brings us to the California elections this year.

Smear campaigns have taken on a new life in this election. The majority of commercials and advertisements are not advocating the candidate who sponsored them.

Rather, they are accusatory ads discrediting the opposition.

For example, Jerry Brown’s campaign recently aired a commercial in which Meg Whitman is dressed as Pinocchio while a narrator goes over all of the lies she has supposedly told. Her nose grows with every lie.

In another ad, Brown’s picture is on a spinning old record, symbolizing that Brown is out of date.

While the narrator goes through all of the ways that Brown has ruined the state of California, old pictures and video clips are shown.

With all of this mudslinging and tarnishing of opposing campaigns, it is hard to tell where each candidate stands.

We may be aware of each of the contenders’ downfalls and a plethora of unnecessary information that no normal person would be interested in, but we are not aware of the positives of them.

Which is not helping the citizens of California make an informed decision.

Commercials should be about what the candidates can do for California, not name calling that in reality makes the candidate who is advocating the commercial look like an idiot.

When voters go to the polls on Tuesday, unless they have done their research, they will be misinformed about each candidate’s standings in certain situations.

In addition, each commercial says the exact opposite of the next one.

One advocates Whitman as a liar, while the next says that Brown lied about Whitman being a liar.

All of the switching of sides is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

So before you hit the voting booths next week, please read about the campaigns from voter pamphlets or state websites, because if you only rely on mudslinging commercials, then your vote will be muddled with ignorance.

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