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Students’ opinions vary on Halloween costumes

Michael Phillips
LV Life Editor

With the economy being shaky and the rise of school expenses, some La Verne students are changing the way they are celebrating Halloween this year.

Many ULV students were still not sure what they wanted to be for Halloween, or even wanted to do.

“The problem is I don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween,” Amber Lentulo sophomore sociology major said. “I’ve been so busy I haven’t thought of anything to do.”

Other students found themselves in the same position as Lentulo. College students lack the time to make Halloween costumes or plans.

“I’ve been really last minute, I have to work on Halloween and my job says I have to wear a costume,” Monique Nuno, liberal studies junior major, said.

Even students who knew what they wanted to dress as for Halloween have had problems preparing for the holiday. For some there were time constraints while others had financial ones.

“I was going to be a pixie but I couldn’t find what I needed,” Jose Arias, sophomore theatre major, said.

“I haven’t actually thought about it, I don’t have an actual costume, so I may just throw something on,” Leonel Renteria, computer science major, said. “Last year I was a zombie I made a costume by throwing on some fake blood, make-up and torn up clothes.”

Looking in stores and online, most adult costumes were priced at $40 or more, a price many preferred not to pay.

“We are poor college students it’s cheaper to make your own costumes,” Cindy Lai, freshman business major, said.

Most La Verne students opted to make their own costumes, completely from scratch.

“I’m going to be Facebook, if I ever finish my costume,” Lai said.

Those making their own costumes seem to have grander ideas than the few who were purchasing their costumes from stores.

Some of the costumes ranged from being Dwight from the popular television show “The Office,” Teddy bears, singer Rihanna, Jesters, zombies, ninjas, circus ringleaders and many more.

However, not everyone who is buying their costumes are being upstaged by those who are making their own.

“I’m going to be the Queen of Hearts from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ because I loved her in the movie,” Ngoc Bui, junior behavioral science major, said.

One of the most popular men’s costume at Party City is the Iron Man Deluxe costume that costs $180. Another is the Perseus Clash of the Titans costume for only $50.

The most popular women’s costumes are the She Devil and the Mummy Queen costume both costing less than $50 with accessories included.

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