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Texting worse than drunk driving

It used to be that driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance was the most dangerous thing one could do while driving.

But now texting while driving has surpassed DUI as even more dangerous.

While it is illegal to text while driving in 30 states nationwide, most people seem to ignore the law.

Drivers are now trying to hide their phones from police officers by putting them on their laps, which takes their eyes completely off of the road, adding to the danger.

If the car in front were to suddenly slam on their brakes, there is a high probability that the driver would not look up in time to hit the breaks, which would result in an accident.

In 2009 Car and Driver Magazine ran a test and found that while one driver – a staffer for the magazine – was legally drunk, he stopped four feet beyond his stopping point. The same driver, while sending a text message, stopped 70 feet beyond his stopping point.

Many people refuse to accept that texting is more dangerous than drinking while behind the wheel.

In a survey done by State Farm insurance company, 36 percent of 14- to 17-year-olds “strongly agreed” that they could be killed one day if they regularly text and drive, but 55 percent “strongly agreed” that they could be fatally injured while drinking and driving.

The survey also mentions that a 2006 study done by the United Kingdom’s Transport Research Laboratory found that reaction among 17- to 24-year-olds was reduced 35 percent while typing a text message, whereas it was only reduced 12 percent after drinking.

Even with these facts people still continue to believe that their driving skills are good enough to be able to send text messages, change the radio station and drive all at the same time.

It is time to really start looking at the consequences of this action.

Severely injuring yourself or another driver is not worth sending someone a “Hey, what’s up?” message.

It may be really tempting to see who is texting you when you hear the phone vibrate, but for the sake of others and yourself it is time to just let it go.

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