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This little piggy has a problem

Recently many faculty members and students arrived to their offices, mailboxes and dorm rooms to discovered clear, plastic piggy banks with a note inside.

The note explained the pig was from the University of La Verne Advancement department’s new Spotted Pig Campaign.

The Spotted Pig Campaign was designed to encourage students and faculty to get into a habit of giving back to the University.

At the end of the semester, these pigs and their owners are to come together at a round-up party and the collected money will be used to help students facing financial emergencies and are in need of a loan.

The note asked faculty to keep the Spotted Pig in plain sight in their offices and toss in their loose change, cash or checks, and to remind their students to help when they can.

This promotion even has its own Facebook page, allowing participants to post photos of where their pig has gone, besides their desk.

In a time of recession and economic woes, students do not have the extra money to put in a piggy bank for their fellow students.

We are already struggling to pay for tuition, so how can we be expected to help ease our classmates’ financial burdens?

The campaign is asking faculty and staff to give their money away when they are paid substantially less on average compared to the faculty at comparable universities.

We understand that our fellow students (and faculty for that matter) are struggling financially and that economic times may be harder for some of our classmates than others, and yet this campaign is completely tacky.

For a university like ULV to collect change from the inside is not a constructive or creative way to go.

Instead, University Advancement should focus its fundraising efforts towards alumni, foundations and others outside. If we want an emergency loan fund for students, ULV should go outside its walls and accumulate grants and funds elsewhere.

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