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ULV steps up for students

While the state of California’s legislative branch has been irresponsible and has yet to pass a budget for this fiscal year, the University has been responsible and has decided to pay an advance for the 700 students who rely on the Cal Grant program to attend ULV.

The California Student Aid Commission cannot release the Cal Grant awards until a state budget has been passed and signed by the governor.

Therefore the University will advance and distribute nearly $3.2 million for the first semester to students whose financial needs have not yet been distributed by the state.

This gracious plan has definitely eased the minds of many students whose attendance at the University is dependent on the money they receive from Cal Grants A and B.

Those who made the decision deserve a pat on the back for doing what is right for the ULV community. They understand that it is in no way the fault of the students that the California legislature and governor have failed them.

It was also a very smart decision on their part because without the approximately 700 students attending ULV admission would see a great drop. And raising the number of admitted students has been a large goal for the University lately.

Also, in the hypothetical situation that these 700 students could not attend ULV, the University would not have the rest of the money those students either pay out of pocket or from loans. Therefore they would probably not be able to afford the many capital projects that are under construction.

Students are very lucky that they are not in the California Community College system. Most community colleges do not have the necessary funds to aid students there who also rely on state funding.

This could leave these students stranded if a budget is not signed soon or even worse, if the Cal Grant program receives a large cut or is cut completely.

So while the University has made a very generous decision, it is also a decision that they should have made and is in the best interest of the students and the viability of the University.

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