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Water is healthier choice

With healthy alternative diets sweeping the nation, many people are turning to juices and sports drinks as a substitute for water, but many times these sports drinks are as bad for people as sodas.

Many people are aware of the health issues surrounding soda such as the elevated caffeine and calorie intake, as well as tooth decay, but few realize the negative affect sports drink may have.

Because they know soda is unhealthy, people drink sports drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade, instead of water. But these drinks are not as beneficial for the body as people think.

A 20 ounce bottle of Gatorade contains 29.5 grams of sugar, a 12 ounce can of soda contains 39 grams and the recommended amount of sugar the normal person should intake a day is 40 grams.

These sports drinks are intended for the use of athletes who are being continuously active rather than someone trying to maintain a healthy diet.

However companies market their products to be healthy when in reality they are not that much healthier than soda.

Many fast food restaurants promote Powerade or Gatorade to children and adults as a healthy alternative to soda.

Although it is not as bad as soda it is not drastically better and should not be seen as a healthy alternative.

These sports drink commercials often depict popular athletes competing or doing physical activity before or after drinking the product.

By showing these athletes the companies present viewers with the image of a well-known person they believe is healthy person choosing a sports drink over water, making it appear that it is better for the human body.

Sports drinks are created for high-endurance activity athletes and they drink them during and after activity to help restore their electrolytes.

Electrolytes in your blood are required so that your body can function.

When in engaging in high-endurance or prolonged physical activity these electrolytes are lost through sweat.

Though these drinks provide electrolytes they have huge amounts of sugar.

Sports drinks were not made to drink with salads and sandwiches but to help keep athletes energized on the field.

So next time you pick up something to drink take a look at the label, just because something claims to be healthy and good for your body does not mean it necessarily is, you be the judge of what’s healthy and what’s not.

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