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Corrine Hinton brings refreshing changes to Academic Success Center

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Corrine Hinton is the new director of the University of La Verne’s Academic Success Center. The ASC provides tutoring for students in many different subjects and also provides students with academic advising about their education at La Verne. / photo by Jakeh Landrum

Christina Collins Burton
Staff Writer

The new director of the Academic Success Center, Corrine Hinton, has brought her passion for helping to the students of the University of La Verne.

Hinton began working in the ASC on July 1 during placement testing.

“I’ve been at the ASC for four months and it has been nonstop work from day one,” Hinton said.

Hinton was born in Syracuse, N.Y., to a military family and describes herself as a “military brat” whose family moved frequently based on her father’s military assignments.Hinton lived “all over the United States,” and spent three years in Germany during elementary school.

“I remember being escorted from school by soldiers carrying M-16’s for protection, it was that unstable,” Hinton said.

From Germany, Hinton’s family moved back to the United States – to Redlands and then to southern Illinois where her father retired.

Hinton said she felt isolated in the Midwest, where she had classmates who had lived in the same place their whole lives.

“When I got to St. Louis, I met kids that had never been out of the state,” Hinton said. “It’s important to learn about the world around you.”

While Hinton worked toward her bachelor’s degree in English and master’s in American Literature, she tutored students in writing at the student center at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Hinton later went on to get her doctorate in rhetoric and composition from St. Louis University.

Hinton started her teaching career by becoming a graduate teaching assistant with the Pierre Laclede Honors College at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

She also taught writing as an adjunct professor for Fontbonne University, Linden­wood Uni­versity, and St. Louis University.

“I worked in the writing center at Northern Illinois University for a semester, then at the St. Louis University writing center for two years,” Hinton said.

After 15 years of living in the Midwest, Hinton moved back to California to work as a coordinator at the University of the West in Rosemead for a year.

Hinton strives to make every student a priority through tutoring, no matter how many students need help.

“Five to 10 students? That’s golden,” Hinton said “That’s five to 10 lives that you’ve altered for people that focus on the long term, for us everyone really does count.”

She stumbled on the job opening at ULV’s ASC “by sheer happenstance,” she said. “I read about the position and by that afternoon I got my materials in,” Hinton said.

Along with her position at the ASC, Hinton acts as an adviser for first generation adviser.

Recently a student came in asking for advice on how to retain information for the math test she had coming up.

“I told her, just take your test, don’t talk to anyone and don’t look up,” Hinton said.

The student came back later and thanked Hinton for the advice. She said was going to apply her advice on all of her tests.

“Her interaction has been very positive,” Gabriel Gomez, instructor of writing, said. “She has a very clean vision of what she wants the ASC to be.”

Gomez has been working with Hinton since she began in July and has worked with her on organizing workshops. She has even come into his classes to talk about the tutoring offered at the ASC.

“Where I taught before things were very scheduled and very structured,” Gomez said.

“It’s a completely new process, we have a new set of students,” Ebony Williams, assistant director of the ASC, said. “It seems to be working very well.”

Williams believes that Hinton’s leadership has had a positive affect on the ASC. With her changes, Hinton has refreshed the ASC and brought new ideas that have been received well across the board.

“For the students now, it has to be sexy for students these days,” Hinton said. “We have to be the one size fits all for all the students.”

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