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Guitar concert hits right chords

Tennille Wright
Staff Writer

“A free show worth every penny,” joked musicians Roberto Catalano and Carlos Calvo during their acoustic guitar concert last week in the Campus Center Ballroom.

The audience was abuzz with anticipation as the two performers came out with their guitars.

Their enjoyment grew as the musicians played. The small but interactive crowd moved closer to the stage, creating a more intimate setting.

“I heard about the concert and went because I enjoy acoustic guitar and world music, and have enjoyed other wonderful programs put on by the music department,” Angelina Millare, a ULV alumna, said.

The guitar music held its own. Its sounds were rich and full of depth.

Catalano has played the guitar for 34 years and plays other instruments such as the cello, springs and percussion.

The concert offered an eclectic mix of music.

“Three of the songs I wrote with Carlos in mind,” said Catalano, an adjunct professor of music here.

The artists dedicated theirsongs to the seas, expressing their concern about the pollution that is destroying them.

“I study the music of Sicily and the Mediterranean and I’m inspired a lot by the sea,” Catalano said.

Catalano and Calvo have known each other for 20 years and have an amazing musical chemistry when they perform together.

Calvo, a singer and songwriter who has been playing music for almost 40 years, described his musical inspiration as the Beatles meets Bob Dylan meets flamenco.

Following the concert Catalano and Calvo mingled with the audience. Many congratulated the duo on their wonderful performance.

Calvo offered some advice to anyone interested in pursing a career in music.

“Listen to as much music as you can and respect the music that came before you,” Calvo said.

Many audience members left with an appreciation for world music and the music department at ULV.

“I think that events like this add to the university experience, and are so wonderful because they also give the community access to such a variety of talent and expression,” Millare said.

“I really liked it. I thought it was amazing and I have a new respect for my teacher Roberto,” Hailey Duvall, freshman, said.

“The performance exceeded my expectations, and was a rich and rewarding experience,” Millare said.

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