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Karaoke club set to take the stage

Tennille Wright
Staff Writer

The Lip Sync and Karaoke Club is the newest club to hit the campus and they are calling all karaoke junkies to come participate.

The club is for everyone no matter how well they sing. The only prerequisite is the ability to let loose and know how to have an awesome time, no vocal coaches required.

“We want to meet once a month, starting in December,” Daniel Sillas, sophomore and club president, said.

Sillas is eager to get the club started. The idea evolved as a group of students were hanging around listening and singing to music on a cell phone.

“I had my phone and the song ‘Journey’ came on and we started talking about how fun karaoke is and decided to start a club,” Sillas, who is also a pre-law major, said.

“Daniel told me about it and I asked if he needed any help so I signed up as an officer,” Andres Avile, sophomore and club secretary, said

After finalizing the paperwork, the Lip Sync and Karaoke Club was born. Students responded swiftly, with 75 members signing up within an hour.

“During my freshman year there was a casino event with karaoke and it was a big hit so we are expecting the same response for the club,” Avile, said.

Students are excited to be a part of a club that involves hanging around with other students and having a good time.

“I just feel we need more clubs where students can be active and build friendships having pure fun,” Nick Pozo, club member and political science major, said.

“We would have karaoke parties at friends’ houses and we always had a great time so it is going to be cool to have it here on campus with so many more people,” Avile said.

The club officers are hoping that the Lip Sync and Karaoke Club will give students a way to relieve stress, provide them a safe environment and an opportunity to have good clean fun.

“We want to give students a way to relax during finals week,” Sillas said.

The club also offers lip-synching for those who want to participate in the fun without the vocal pressure of pitch, breathing and posture techniques.

“I am looking forward to our first event,” Pozo said.

The meeting location has not been finalized; club officers are anticipating the club meetings will be held in Dailey Theatre or at Sneaky Park.

For all those interested, be on the look out for posted information pertaining to the meeting dates and location in the next few weeks.

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