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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the Campus Times article, “Athletics could lose facilities with new campus construction” (Nov. 12). While this is a good article that addresses a topic of concern to student and student-athletes, it unfortunately appears that this did not include the most current information prior to printing the article, and this has created some factual and philosophical misrepresentations.

It was stated, “The fields are going to be replaced with brand new athletic facilities at some point in the future, but as of right now there is no set time table for the construction of that project.” However, the Board of Trustees at their Oct. 29 meeting voted to move forward on the Ortmayer Stadium renovation effective with the end of the 2011 football season with the goal of completing the work before the fall 2012 preseason. Also, the Board voted to add $5 million to the bond used to finance the new residence hall with the goal of completing the new baseball, softball and soccer practice fields on the West Campus property within two years. So as of Oct. 29, there is a set timetable.

I was also quoted, “Every time we take a step forward, we take a step back in terms of facilities and it’s because of a lack of planning, They’re tearing up a field with no backup plan, and that’s no plan at all.” At the time I was interviewed, this was essentially true. There was no publicly stated plan to do anything other than tear down Ben Hines Field and “plan” to build on the West Campus property. However, with the Board’s vote on Oct. 29, there is now a specific plan with specific funding to start the project with a goal to raise additional funds and complete the work by 2013. While I will admit to still being dissatisfied with the time lag between tearing down Ben Hines Field and finishing Ortmayer Stadium and the West Campus project, I have to accept this is a marked improvement from when I was interviewed. Further­more, much of the emphasis on this project has been on the impact on athletics and while highly interested in that aspect, my responsibility is to minimize the negative impact on our movement and sports science classes which is not clearly stated.

Finally, the article stated, “The men’s and women’s soccer teams will play at Ortmayer Stadium during the 2011 season, which could result in some conflict because there will be three different teams playing on the field during the season, including football.” This was the original proposal. However in the interim time, it was determined that it would be best to wait until the conclusion of the 2011 football season before starting the work. While the scenario as stated is accurate, the timing is not.

Although I have been asked to participate in helping plan the Ortmayer Stadium renovation to include student recreation opportunities, I still feel very strongly that we are doing ourselves no favors by continuing to demolish open field space without giving more consideration to the impact this has on student recreation and physical activity. Because there was a time lag between when I was interviewed and when this article appeared without apparent consideration of the Board’s vote, it appears that I am still contesting this decision. While I am not pleased with it, I have to move on and work to make sure that we address the needs of our MSS classes and support the efforts of the athletic department to address their needs as planning continues.

Paul Alvarez
Professor of Movement and Sports Science

Dear Editor,

We need a traffic signal at the intersection of C and Bonita. I regularly park on C Street, to avoid the annual $240 parking fees imposed upon us several years ago. As a consequence, I now dodge traffic at that intersection every morning and evening, as do many other students, faculty, and staff.

I brought this problem to the attention of our administration, and they have asked the city of La Verne to consider this request. The response from the City has been negative. Their “study” of the matter indicates a signal is not required at this time.

Currently, we must hike up to Bonita and D Street to have the benefit of a traffic signal, and then we can hike all the back down to C Street to get to our vehicles.

The University must demand positive action from the city of La Verne on this matter. The last thing any of us want is for someone to get hurt crossing the street to or from the University of La Verne.

Glenn C. Gamst
Professor of Psychology

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