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More healthy dining options needed

If any University of La Verne student or faculty goes to Barbara’s Place or Davenport Dining Hall, they are presented with many hot food options.

But if anyone was searching for a healthy option as to not gain the “freshman 15” or because they were on a diet, they would be out of luck.

The University needs to request that our catering company, Sodexo, offers us a healthier array of food choices.

In Davenport Dining Hall, the healthy options are slim, offering a salad bar or a sandwich on wheat bread. Although these options are better for the consumer, they are not very filling and would not sustain someone until their next meal.

Leaving consumers with the choice of eating the least healthy grill or pizza options or leaving Davenport unsatisfied presents a lose-lose situation.

At Barbara’s Place, the hot food is prepared over a grill but is coated in oils and fats.

Some things are even deep fried to crisp, like the French fries or chicken tenders.

When the hungry customers receive their food it is dripping in grease and contains a lot of sodium, many feel bloated upon finishing.

Any student or faculty member wishing to feast upon something somewhat good for them would have to rely on the “on the go” cooler with yet some more salads and sandwiches.

However, those sandwiches and salads range anywhere from 280 calories and up.

Other universities offer an array of healthier alternatives.

Granted, both dining locations on campus will let you drink the most wholesome beverage, water, for free.

But drinks such as juices have daily required nutrients and are also nourishing. Yet these drinks cost nearly $5 with tax.

Yes it would probably cost the University more to change its contract with Sodexo, but if we are as much in the black as ULV advertises, why not shell out more money into its students and faculty’s well-being?

It may sound drastic, but eventually ULV’s students and faculty are going to be so unhealthy it will have to invest in providing more food to us because our hunger will be insatiable.

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