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Phi Sigma Sigma women rock for philanthropy

Christina Collins Burton
Staff Writer

It is after midnight and the only sound that can be heard in Sneaky Park is the creaking of rocking chairs, and the laughter of the Phi Sigma Sigma sisters.

Keeping up the national tradition, the women joined thousands of other sisters across the country and took shifts sitting in three rocking chairs to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation through their annual Rock-A-Thon.

“I’m really glad that they continue to have this event every year; it’s always a success for them,” Marcella Marquez, senior English major, said. Marquez along with a diverse mix of other students dropped by the Rock-a-Thon to support the women with their event.

From 1 p.m. Wednesday to 1 p.m. Thursday, the Phi Sigma Sigma organization kept the chairs moving and the spirits upbeat as students came to visit and lend support the sorority.

Tucked away under tables were board games and food that guests of the sisters were able to enjoy as the fundraiser progressed into the late evening.

“It benefits the Phi Sigma Sigma foundation which benefits the National Kidney Found­ation,” Kristina Granados, junior liberal studies major, said.

The money raised at the Rock-A-Thon, is donated to the National Kidney Foundation for research and treatment at various centers.

Members take turns rocking, making sure to keep the chairs in constant motion.

Each shift is 30 minutes and each woman is required to serve at least one.

“I’ll probably be here until 4 a.m.. I have to support my sisters,” Granados said.

Granados, who had a 9:40 a.m. class the next day, was one of a cluster of women that were waiting to serve late shifts in the chilly fall weather.

While some members of the sorority had more availability than others, the women still came out and supported each other.

“We would always pick a late shift because it was time spent with your sisters,” Crystal Murguia, Phi Sigma Sigma alumna, said.

Murguia is one of several alumni of the organization that came to socialize with their undergraduate sisters and remember how much fun they had participating.

“We always have barbecues, music, tents. We would call people and invite other organizations and it would be a whole get together,” Murguia said.

In past years, Phi Sigma Sigma has been required to get every woman to raise at least $35 each. However, through dedication and the passion to help, the women aim to raise $60 each.

“Phi Sigma Sigma coordinates with the National Kidney Foundation to help contribute to dialysis centers,” Murguia said. Along with other fundraising the Phi Sigma Sigma sisters contribute their time and money to help join the cause for a better future.

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