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Restaurant Review: Garden Square serves up delicious pie

Michael Phillips
LV Life Editor

Heading to Garden Square Restaurant and Pies, I had one thing on my mind: warm and delectable pie.

Arriving at the La Verne location on Foothill Boulevard I was saddened to see that it was closed, but on the door the restaurants’ new location on Indian Hill was posted.

Walking into Garden Square the first thing I noticed was its size, and its décor. The restaurant could easily sit 50 or more and had a strong home-like feel. Through the use of various shades of red, and greens the restaurant set a very calming mood.

As soon as I got my menu I flipped it to the dessert section, with my mouth watering as I read the list of pies.

There were apple pies, boysenberry, French apple, peach, pecan, banana cream, French silk, coconut cream, lemon supreme, lemon meringue, custard, pumpkin and many other pies, all of which I wish I could have tasted.

When my waiter came to my table, I ordered a slice of apple pie, only to be given the distressing news, that the restaurant did not have pies that day due to an issue they had been having with their kitchen.

Disappointed but still hungry I went through Garden Square’s menu which consisted of an array of breakfast items such as plain waffles, specialty waffles topped with fruits, pancakes, omelets and toast.

“The most popular thing on our menu is our skillets,” manager Faustino Lazaro said.

Besides a lunch and dinner section the restaurant had a “South of the Border Flair” section that consisted of Mexican style entrées such as carne asada, tacos and burritos. There was also a vegetarian burrito called a ‘Garden vegetarian burrito’ that consisted of garden vegetables, rice and beans, served with salsa.

Gardens Square’s menu was very large and diverse, offering various menu items at an affordable cost.

However the restaurants large menu made it hard to choose an entree item.

What I quickly noticed were the amounts of specials the restaurant had.

Sunday is menudo Sunday while on Mondays the restaurant offers a free slice of pie with any menu entree, and on Tuesday it offers 50 cent tacos. Wednesdays the restaurant offers a liver special, while Thursday is dedicated to potatoes.

Besides daily deals Garden Square has breakfast time specials from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., lunch time specials from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and dinner specials from 4 p.m. to close.

After some heavy consideration I ordered the strawberry waffle, but the restaurant lacked strawberries at the moment. Instead I ordered the apple cider and cinnamon waffle.

While waiting for my meal, I could not help but think of pie.

I noticed a pie reservation form, where customers could order whole pies from the restaurant, this only made me want it more.

I went back to Garden Square the following Monday, and finally got a slice of pie. After receiving my menu I quickly turned to the dessert section again and ordered a slice of apple pie along with a fajita burrito.

When my pie arrived I was ecstatic, the flaky crust, sweet applies pieces and delicious apple filling, made up for all of the prior obstacles.

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