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Restaurant Review: Green’s BBQ serves fabulous soul food

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Caroline Green, owner of Green’s BBQ and Soul Food, prepares the first order of the day. Green got her start selling food at a local farmers market. One of her specialties is fried chicken and mojo potatoes. She’s also known for her yummy collard greens and okra. / photo by Scott Mirimanian

Michael Phillips
LV Life Editor

Walking into Green’s BBQ and Soul Food in Covina, I was presented with a menu that carried a range of different entrees such as collard greens and much more.

The first thing I noticed about the menu was its simplicity. It was a one sided menu that displayed the entrée titles and prices.

It included barbecue ribs, catfish, greens, fried chicken, red snapper as well other options.

At first I considered the menu to be a bit too simple and small, until I was directed to the three boards toward the front of the restaurant.

For those unfamiliar with soul food, it is a type of South­ern cuisine mostly associated with African Americans.

As soon as I walked into Green’s I was greeted by owner Caroline Green.

Green has been running the restaurant for about three years, but said owning a restaurant was never in her dream.

Before opening the restaurant she sold food at the Covina farmers market where she quickly gained popularity among city residents.

She recalled people constantly asking her, “Where’s the restaurant located?

That inspired her to open up her own restaurant in Covina.

“This is a good area because other races who usually don’t know how to cook the food get to try it,” Green said.

However Green is considering walking away from the restaurant business, because of the financial difficulties that arise when operating a Soul Food restaurant outside of the Los Angeles area.

Some of the entrees on the board were specials only offered on certain days, while others were special discounted items or combos.

Green’s offers a barbecue special that consist of two pieces of barbecue of your choice, as well as two sides for only $7.99.

As for pricing the restaurant is very affordable, especially considering the serving size of the entrees.

After debating between the barbecue chicken platter and the smothered steak, I chose the smothered steak with a side of rice and gravy, mash potatoes and cornbread.


The décor of the restaurant is simple yet welcoming.

The restaurant is small, but it is set up to fit 30-40 customers comfortably.

Along the right side of the restaurant there are booths set up against the wall, while the left side and the middle has tables and chairs.

Along the walls were framed pictures of African Americans ranging from Martin Luther King Jr. to Dizzy Gillespie and Jackie Robinson.

“We just happened to be over this way one day and saw the sign ‘Greens barbecue and Soul Food’ and thought ‘soul food out here,’” customer John Pentecost said. “My wife loves their okra.”

Pentecost has visited the restaurant three times, and recommended the fish and the barbecue ribs.

As Green brought out my food, the aroma of the steak smothered in gravy made my mouth water.

The steak was tender, delicious, and went well with my mashed potatoes, rice and gravy and cornbread.

The food was fresh, delicious and Green and the restaurant’s waitresses were very hospitable and helpful.

During my meal I was pressuring my stomach to save room for dessert, because that section of the menu looked promising.

It consisted of treats like banana pudding, peach cobbler and sweet potato pie that were priced at $5.

By the end of my meal my plate was empty, my stomach was full and I left Green’s barbecue and Soul Food very satisfied.

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