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Students take their safety for granted

This semester the University of La Verne’s residence halls have experienced a series of attempted robberies, harassment and unwanted visitors, that has shaken many of the students who live on campus. Students generally believe that since the University is in the city of La Verne, a city known to be safe, and quiet that they do not have to worry as much about leaving their doors open, walking alone at night and other things of that nature.

However fall semesters events have shown that student regardless of where they are, or how comfortable they feel, must take consideration for their personal safety at all times. This is important in the residence halls especially, because one person’s action can have a lasting effect on the whole community.

“I was making my rounds with another R.A. about 7:30 last Tuesday when I saw a guy walk towards the Oaks A-Building residence hall,” said Justin Davis-Battle, a junior communications major and resident assistant. “The man was able to wait until someone was leaving in order to gain access into the building. By the time I walked into the building, he had milk and other food items that were taken from the floor’s refrigerator.

One of the biggest issues and security risk in the residence halls are students leaving doors propped and opening the doors for people who do not live in that building. By propping doors students are allowing anyone access to their buildings creating the opportunity for thefts, injuries and other serious issues to occur. One student leaving a door open could negatively affect that student and several other students.

Opening the door for people who do not live in the residence halls is another issue, because it allows issues like the incident in the Oaks A-Building to arise. Living a community means that students are not only responsible for their own safety but the safety of others.

Commuters also need to be aware of their surroundings and proactive in their personal safety. When walking through campus at late hours.

Mike Nunez, campus safety director, said that while he believes the campus is relatively safe, students should be careful.

If students feel unsure about walking to their cars at night Campus Safety will drive and escort them to their vehicle or residence hall.

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