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Talent, skill showcased at annual faculty research day

Grady Lee Thomas
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne held its seventh annual Research and Professional Activity Day for faculty and students in the Campus Center Ballroom Thursday.

The annual celebration displays ULV’s scholarship and creativity, while permitting guests an opportunity to meet and greet the individuals who have researched and compiled data in their respective fields of study.

“The plan is to raise awareness and contribute to the university by showing that we are actively researching our field and applying the latest methods of teaching in our classrooms,” Issam Ghazzawi, associate professor of management, said.

“I want to encourage students to further their education. We have the chance to be an example to our students by showing them we are doing research too,” Ghazzawi said.

Hosting the annual Research and Professional Activity Day is a great opportunity for ULV faculty and students to not only display their data and findings, but also connect with the entire ULV community.

“Research and teaching are the most important parts of being a faculty member,” Al Clark, associate vice president of academic affairs, said. “We teach everyday and need to remember the importance of research.”

“There is a lot of information accessible to our students in the Wilson Library,” Vinaya Tripuraneni, University reference librarian, said. “They have to learn how to evaluate and integrate research in their everyday life. Every time you make a decision it has to be an informed decision.”

After strolling through the Campus Center Ballroom and eating a few appetizers attendants could tell ULV was taking a step toward the future of higher education.

“If I could use one word to characterize our law school, it would be innovation. The University of La Verne is the nation’s first college to create a casebook and conduct a course in video game law,” Ashley Lipson, professor of law, said.

“As far as gross revenues are concerned, video games have exceeded the film industry. La Verne leads the way in innovation and creativity,” said Lipson.

Along with the fine work contributed by ULV faculty, numerous students displayed their creativity and hard work to guests in attendance.

“The contacts faculty make on Faculty Research Day help enhance their further research,” Clark said.

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