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ULV succeeds again at residential life conference

Michael Phillips
LV Life Editor

For the fifth time in a row the University of La Verne has won the coveted Spirit Award at the Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls conference.

PACURH is a conference where schools from all over the western hemisphere send a delegation of Residence Hall Association members to represent their campuses. The delegations take part in a philanthropy event, create a banner to display their school spirit, present programs, and of course cheer and show school spirit to win the coveted Spirit Award.

This year the University of La Verne sent a delegation of nine students – six freshmen, a senior and one graduate student.

“It’s so exciting, I’m really proud of them for putting in all the effort that they did. It’s exciting to know that we can send new people and they can represent our school in such a way. It says a lot about our preparation,” Jennifer Juhasz said.

The delegates were Roxanne Gonzalez, Karlie Bettencourt, Alan Hernandez, Kellie Mag­giulli, Michael Cesena, Chelsea Nava, Cindy Lai, Nick Pulu and schelcy Morin.

Lai, a freshmen business administration major, learned a lot at PACURH and hopes to bring that back to La Verne. Lai also learned a lot about herself at the conference.

“I learned how to break out of my shell, and network with people who have the same interest as me, to better our communities,” Lai said.

Having won the Spirit Award four times the delegation went into PACURH hoping to win, but said that they would not have been too disappointed if they had not won, because it would have given another school a chance to win.

Although La Verne is a small school, it is very well known at the conference. Being a smaller sized school only motivated the La Verne delegation.

“The hardest part was the work. I hardly slept at PACURH. That weekend I got three to four hours of sleep,” Morin, freshman RHA national communications coordinator, said.

After winning the Spirit Award five years in a row, RHA is looking to set their sights on attaining something much more acclaimed, to host the 2011 PACURH conference.

“We bid last year to host but we didn’t get it. This year we are trying to host but it’s going to be a bit of a problem due to the new housing situation. We are hoping to get the support ofour community; many of the other schools as well as the regional board of directors want to see us get it,” Morin said.

Many of the other schools in the western hemisphere want La Verne to host the conference, and are willing to lend their support.

If the University were to host the conference it would motivate other smaller schools to step up, especially since the conference has mostly been held at larger campuses.

“I’m more concerned with bidding it here; we presented it last year at no frills so I’m not too concerned. It would be very disappointing to create a successful bid and the school still say no, especially since we have so much student support this year,” Juhasz said.

Instead of celebrating their achievement RHA and the PACURH delegates are in the process of writing a bid to host PACURH and are hoping to present it at the No Frills conference this upcoming year and to the University as well.

“PACURH is definitely something worth thinking about getting involved with. If someone is interested in trying a different leadership position and putting themselves out there they should consider getting involved in PACURH, and taking advantage of an opportunity not many people get to take advantage of,” Juhasz said.

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