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We all deserve a break

Now is about the time when many students are beginning to feel burned out. Some are feeling stressed out from school, work and extracurricular activities.

Before it gets to this stress point, we feel that the University should grant students a break during the fall semester.

We acknowledge that students are given a two-day break in recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday. However two days is not very long. considering one day is actually the holiday and most are busy throughout the weekend with families.

Also Thanksgiving break comes too late in the semester – we’re already exhausted and the two days are not all that relaxing when you consider that finals are looming.

Not that we wouldn’t appreciate an expanded Thanksgiving break – as many schools have begun to implement.

If a mid-semester fall break interferes with curriculum or pedagogy, the University should consider giving the students a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Or at the very least consider a two-day week, which would give us Wednesday off also.

Many classes may not even meet on that Wednesday, so why not make it an official day off and save students, especially those who commute, the worry of having to come to school that day.

Several high schools in the area, including the public Bonita High School and the private Damien High School, have the entire week off for Thanksgiving.

While we understand that we are here for higher learning we feel that students may improve in their studies if they had a break to refresh themselves.

After all, our school does not even give students, faculty or staff the day off for Veterans Day, which is a nationally recognized holiday. School and public employees across the country receive this day off.

In the spring students have spring break which serves as a refresher in the semester.

Yes, we realize that winter break is not far off from Thanksgiving, but a mid-semester break would be greatly appreciated.

After all, winter break serves as a segue into our January interterm and is not a break during the actual semester.

Many students have agreed that we would not mind starting the fall semester a week earlier in order to not eliminate instruction time, despite the fact that our school’s calendar is already longer than most others in the area.

In fact each of our semesters were expanded two years ago, so we already start the school year a week earlier – in August instead of just after Labor Day – and end a week later in May.

At the time the decision about expanding our semesters was being discussed, there was some discussion about adding a fall break.

What happened to that discussion?

Administrators, decision makers: Please, let’s reopen the discussion.

Students need a break. Faculty do too.

A fall break would probably work to everyone’s benefit.

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