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Commentary: Be ready for me, journalism industry

Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief

I obviously have chosen to attend the University of La Verne to receive a degree in journalism. I went into this knowing the industry is known to be dying.

However, if a writer has the will or the way to get into it, they will thrive and work doing something they love to do.

Thriving in the industry as a writer with a strong mind is something I have always dreamed of doing.

My dreams are not easily crushed but rather made stronger by criticism and people who want to stand in my way.

I received an e-mail from a commenter a few weeks ago saying I was gutsy to throw myself in the public eye as a conservative writer during my sophomore year in college.

They also added that they applauded my gutsiness but that they also wished me luck in getting any job upon graduation.

I have always known going into the industry as an “out of the closet conservative” was a risk because these days it is not the status quo to be one.

A lot of news today criticizes the GOP or the Tea Party because its views are not what people agree with. Any writer that agrees with the “victim” is committing industry suicide.

In my perspective, every disapproval, bad analysis or condemnation of the conservative views makes me stronger as a writer.

People say conservative writers are not going to be hired as often? I think otherwise. Eventually editors are going to be swamped with liberals and will need a breath of fresh air. That breath of fresh air is the wave of conservative writers.

By the time I graduate two years from now, they will be drowning and hiring me, and other conservatives, will be on their priority list.

Even if they do not like my viewpoints or their reasoning for hiring me is not what I have anticipated, my “controversial” points will bring readers.

Correct me if I am wrong, but don’t publications succeed due to readership? People nowadays thrive on controversy and scandal.

A celebrity cheats or Bristol Palin is a finalist on “Dancing With the Stars” and all hell breaks loose.

If a person publically says they do not believe in abortion or gay marriage (oh wait that’s me!), she better board up her windows or change her address because here come the liberals with torches and pitchforks.

Alright so I exaggerated there. But I believe I got my point across.

Without controversy or a differing opinion than the typical viewpoint, everything becomes boring.

I think the accepted opinions are dull and monotonous.

Anything daring to be different gets attention. So I dare to be different and take risks when I write and speak my mind.

I am not going into journalism to make money. If I wanted to be rich I would have gone into a different field of work. I write because I enjoy it and it comes easy to me.

So, journalism industry. In two years when you are looking for potential interviewees, I will be the one in the room wearing red in a sea of blue.

Kristen Campbell, a sophomore journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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