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Short holiday break keeps La Verne students local

Tennille Wright
Staff Writer

The campus was quiet with many students gone for the short Thanksgiving break. Because the vacation amounted to only two days off this year, however, many kept their plans local.

“I would actually spend a lot more time with my family but we only have a short break,” Matthew Johnson, sophomore biology major, said.

Students who live out of state, echoed this sentiment.

“If I had a full week off I would go back home to New York,” Dexter Buchann, sophomore English major, said.

Instead, Buchann spent Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. He plans to go home for the Christmas break.

Students who stayed in the dorms during the break, had to fend for themselves since the campus eateries were closed.

“I’m looking forward to spending Christmas at home in New York with my family, visiting my friends and having my car,” Sarah Reeder, freshman business major, said.

“For Christmas I’m going to visit my father in Oklahoma,” Johnson said.

Although students from nearby areas would appreciate a full week off, they said they were pleased with the time they have to socialize, play games, eat and spend quality time with their immediate and extended family.

“I haven’t seen my grandma in six months, so I am really excited,” Jade Villegas, senior business administration major, said.

“My family all helps make tamales, even the men its takes three hours to prepare so we do it for Christmas,” Villegas said.

“We get together and exchange presents, the adults pick names and all the kids get gifts,” Leslie Dominquez, senior sociology major, said.

Some students help out in the kitchen during the holidays but prefer to help in other ways.

“I try and help cook but I help clean more,” Dominquez said.

In addition to eating great food and spending time with family, giving back is No. 1 on the list of how to spend the holidays. Many students say they jump at the opportunity to make a difference helping their communities.

“My family and I are cooking and serving food to the U.S. Army on Thanksgiving,” Lauren Shepard, sophomore political science major, said.

The holiday menu also gets students excited; the chance to eat the delicious home-cooked food you love eating.

“I’m looking forward to the turkey and mashed potatoes, no cooking for me,” Michael Mancilla, senior history major, said.

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