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ULV students prepare for next week’s finals

Jason D. Cox
Staff Writer

Finals week can be a stressful time. The exam is often the culmination of everything students have learned in a class.

For many students who maintain average grades, a final exam may make or break their overall grade for a class and affect their GPA.

“I dread the week before finals because my social life disappears and the stress really builds,” Lawrence Hodges, sophomore biology major, said.

While it may be impossible to completely escape academic stress, there are many ways of making it manageable.

Good study habits, time management, and getting enough rest are key to helping students feel more confident going into finals.

All of these will help students to feel more confident as they take their final exams.

It is important to study hard during the week of final exams, but ULV students do not have to do so alone. The Academic Success Center has numerous resources, such as tutoring and supplemental instruction sessions, available to all ULV students.

“It’s definitely a high-stress, critical time, when students are stressed out and we do what we can to help with that,” ASC director Corrine Hinton said, “Everybody’s got something at the end, whether it’s a project or a paper or a final exam.

“To the students’ credit, by this time, they have a very good idea of where they need to be and what they need help with,” Hinton said.

Student surveys and student records data have shown that students who use the services of the ASC on a regular basis will be more likely to be in good academic standing and will develop their ability to increase their academic skills independently.

“(The ASC is) pretty well booked. Lots of students are coming in trying to get things squared away,” Ebony Williams, assistant director of the Academic Success Center said.

While some students prefer to study alone, others may find that studying in a group can maximize efficiency and prove more helpful than studying solo.

“We have a chemistry group that comes in regularly, a biology group and business groups that come in to work on their capstones,” Williams said.

She added that the ASC’s hours will be extended to midnight Monday Tuesday. There will be food and tutors available to students in need of a last-minute study session.

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