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Commentary: Policies need to be enforced

Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief

Laws, policies and rules are made everywhere to make those involved safe. They are at companies, in countries and even at the University of La Verne.

However ULV seems to make some policies just to up their reputation, not to actually abide by them.

On the Campus Safety website, it says, “The University of La Verne is a ‘dry’ campus … prohibiting possession and/or consumption of any alcoholic beverage … This policy also prohibits the possession of empty alcoholic beverage containers, even as mementos or decoration.”

Obviously the consumption or possession of alcohol is frowned upon and illegal for those underage. But students still get away with it due to either slyness or those in authority turning the other cheek and giving excuses.

If I clearly remember homecoming last semester, it had a Las Vegas theme. During the week prior to the dance, there were events put on that gave out empty alcoholic beverage containers as mementos. There was not any alcohol education or anything saying underage drinking, or excessive drinking, is unhealthy and/or illegal.

If a resident assistant wants to put on a program for his or her residents with mocktails, it must also include some sort of alcohol education, showing the effects it has on the brain and body, for it to be appropriate and to follow university and housing policies.

Yet the sponsors of the week were able to get away with it.

Some argue that it is part of the college experience to drink at parties, but the consumption on campus should not go under the radar so easily.

Also, the university implemented a smoking policy that went into effect Jan. 1, limiting smokers to parking lots and designated areas on campus. Yet I still manage to inhale secondhand smoke right in front of the Campus Center or on ULV property.

It states, “The success of this policy depends upon the concern, forethought and cooperation of non-smokers and smokers alike … Any concerns regarding violations of this should be reported to the Chief Human Resources Officer.”

If this policy was broken, there is supposed to be some sort of punishment. But obviously the success of the rule is based on cooperation of us as students and faculty.

So, if we see a violation we are to report it to human resources? And what are they going to do?

I cannot prove if someone was smoking on university property long after the fact.

I think university administration creates policy just for ULV to look good on paper to prospective students, faculty or donors. But if these future Leos actually knew the lack of enforcement, they would be less likely to attend, teach or donate to the university.

Honestly the potential of the University is great if they do not lie about things that are occurring on campus.

Although I appreciate their efforts to stop smoking and drinking on campus, I would much rather the rules not exist if they are not going to do anything about it.

I would respect a university more if they were up front and said that they allowed drinking and smoking but regulated it rather than one that says they prohibit everything but it still happens.

Kristen Campbell, a sophomore journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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