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Commentary: There’s an app for that?

Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief

Anyone who has an Android or an iPhone can agree they are either addicted to or enjoy downloading applications to help pass the time. These applications, which can be downloaded for free with the occasional advertisement interrupting your play, are a big reason behind the purchase of these types of phones.

But honestly, is there a need for an app for absolutely everything?

When I realized there was an app for just about everything, I went online to the applications website and looked through every category and took note of some that I found to be unnecessary or completely ridiculous.

Under the entertainment category, there was the “Suck-O-Meter” which can calculate how stupid something or someone is just by swiping your phone over the item or person.

Another one was called “Guess Who” and it would constantly present users with the picture of an actor or actress’s eye and you must then guess who it is.

I want to know how people can spend hours playing with the apps.

In the utility category, there is an application called “Hackerize This” that converts the text of your messages into hacker language, which you can then send to your friends.

First of all, if you coded your text messages into hacker language and then sent them to your friends, they would not be able to decode what you were saying unless they also had a phone that could download the application.

After going through almost every application, which took a while, I discovered a Catholic confession application. Since I am Catholic and understand the sacrament of confession, it sparked my attention.

I clicked on it to read the full description and suddenly became very offended.

Apparently once you download the application, you input your sins and hit “confess.”

According to reviews done on the application, it gives you your penance and sometimes an inspirational quote to make your day.

The sacrament of confession in the Catholic Church was originally intended as a time for a parishioner to meet with a priest for spiritual guidance and to confess how they have sinned.

The priest then gives the person a penance which is aimed to help them lead a more religious life.

This penance consists of prayers, good deeds and/or lifestyle changes to help this person live under God’s Ten Command­ments, as God had planned.

I see the creation of the confession application as an insult and a mockery of a religious practice.

Those who are ignorant of the purpose of confession will download it just to put in sins such as murder to see how the Catholic Church would respond, when in fact it was not the Church that created the application.

Although Pope Benedict XVI made an unfound comment on the application with hopes that it would increase the rate of confessions in the church, it does not mean that Catholics are endorsing the application.

In fact, the Vatican put out a statement (widely reported as a ban) that discourages the use of the app.

As a Catholic, I am upset to know that confession is scorned. People may say I am being snobby in saying that Catholicism should not be mocked in such a way, as if it is above the idea.

With the season of Lent quickly approaching, I think that those who practice Catholicism, and excessive app downloading, should take “giving it up” into consideration.

Kristen Campbell, a sophomore journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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