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‘Extend’ shows everything there is ‘About Paint’

Alexandria Orozco
Staff Writer

The art of Dion Johnson, director of university galleries, is currently being featured in Carl Berg’s collection, “About Paint,” at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

During the summer of 2010, Johnson was busy working on his piece Extend, which when finished was displayed in his studio in Los Angeles.

It was here where Berg saw this particular piece and asked to have it become a part of “About Paint.”

“I named it ‘Extend’ because the painting has a sort of natural fit that uses a color spectrum that seems to extend,” Johnson said.

The painting is 72 by 48 inch canvas with a wide array of colors tha appear to project a spectrum of color like one seen through a prism. The colors gradually become warmer as you go from the left to the right side of the painting.

Johnson and 10 other artists were invited by Berg to be a part of this exhibit and to show their own unique style and use of different techniques of layering paint.

This show examines the various ways artists use paint and how it is layered differently to create an image, according to Johnson.

Freshman psychology major Vanessa Chaidez visited this art show and had a lot to say about what she thought of Johnson’s work.

“Right away this painting caught my attention because of its use of bright colors in comparison to the other paintings which seemed to use more natural feeling colors,” Chaidez said.

“I found that the collection as a whole successfully portrayed the different textures and styles.”

Since the show started on Jan. 20, Johnson said that he has heard nothing but positive feedback about his piece.

“One person even described it as looking like it would taste good,” Johnson said.

Chris Trueman, an artist who also had a piece featured in “About Paint,” knew Johnson prior to working on this show and opened up about what he liked about Johnson’s stylistic approach.

“Dion takes a fairly consistent form that is sometimes flat or uses a graphic application of paint,” Trueman said.

“You can see multiple approaches of painting within his work.”

Although “About Paint” will only be in the Pacific Design Center until March 4, Johnson is currently working on new pieces for various art galleries.

He hopes to continue painting and creating new experiences.

For more information on the show, “About Paint,” you can visit Berg’s website at

Alexandria Orozco can be reached at

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