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Leos team up for a friendly game of intramural football

Genesis Miranda
Staff Writer

Last Friday – despite soggy weather – ULV students joined together for a game of intramural football.

“I make these games for undergraduates to get involved … We do whatever we can to get people out here,” said junior business administration major Jacob Acevedo, who is also Campus Activities Board intramural chairman.

“There were a lot of students involved in the game,”said Blake Humphrey, junior communications major, who watched part of the game. “They could care less about the cold weather and the rain – it was pooring. They seemed to enjoy sliding around and falling down for the fun of the game. They got pretty muddy.”

Acevedo had originally scheduled the game for Feb. 11, but then rescheduled due to low turnout.

Senior business major and La Verne football player Matthew Miller brought his team and Acevedo decided to split up Miller’s team, so team members played against one-another.

Shortly before the start of the game, it began to rain.

“It’s always fun to play sports in the rain,” Acevedo said.

Acevedo said lower-than-expected turnout last Friday probably had to do with the fact that it was the Friday before a three-day weekend.

“I think more people would come if they didn’t have practice,” said senior athletic training major Corbin Henault.

“People have been calling for football,” Henault added.

“It’s great to see it come through.”

The game wet on until the rain became too heavy to continue.

“We were basically tied,” Acevedo said. “We played just for fun, just like when we were kids.”

“I expected a lot more people to come,” Miller said.

“I’m going to get baseball started in a couple of weeks,” he said.

“La Verne is growing and we need to get more people out here to show spirit,” Miller said.

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Due to an editing error in the story, “Leos team up for a friendly game of intramural football” in the Feb. 25 edition of the Campus Times, which ran on page 5, a quote by junior business administration major Jacob Acevedo was incorrectly attributed to senior business major Matthew Miller. The Campus Times regrets the error.

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