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New bloggers attract potential Leos

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Sophomore Danielle Burgess is excited to be among the student bloggers chosen by the admissions office to write about their lives and experiences at ULV. The 19 year-old biology major plans to go to medical school after she finishes her undergraduate studies. / photo by Allison Lavelle

Jesse Evans
Staff Writer

The student blogging program is in its second semester and the University of La Verne has chosen five new bloggers to share their experiences with potential students.

The Office of Admissions started this project in the fall 2010 semester to give prospective students a glimpse of how currents students feel about college life.

“Last semester was our first trial run for student bloggers and it was a great success,” Candyce Coleman, admissions representative, said.

“We had more than 4,000 visitors on the Student Blog Experience site last semester – about 150 visitors are regular followers at this time.”

Admissions already uses social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace as a way to communicate to students interested in the University.

This is important because a lot of high schoolers and current college students use these sites as a form of communication with friends and/or potential universities.

The five new bloggers for this spring are freshmen Chris Gutierrez, Emily Martin and Chris Pulu; sophomore Danielle Burgess and senior Marcella Marquez.

“I am excited to be one of the new bloggers and to be a part of attracting new students,” Danielle Burgess, sophomore biology major, said.

Sharing experiences is important for potential students because they get a chance to see the perspective of the enrolled student so it can help further their decision when choosing a school that will suit them the best.

“I believe that prospective students can use the blogs as a tool to assist them in their college search process and hopefully be able to find a current La Verne student they can connect with,” Coleman said.

Pulu found out about the blogger openings by being recommended by one of the bloggers last semester.

Others applied and were selected because admissions picked people that fit the part and could have interesting things to talk about in his or her blog.

All students come from different experiences on campus varying from ASULV, Residential Hall Association, Greek life and more.

“We purposefully try to choose bloggers based not only on their writing and multimedia skills,” Coleman said.

“We also look at their involvement on and off campus, majors, interests and background in hopes that based on this diversity, a prospective student will find someone to associate with and decide to attend ULV.”

At the same time current La Verne students are reading the blogs which can be a great benefit too.

All five students are required to write one blog per week and they get paid $10 per week they blog.

Exposing La Verne from the students’ perspectives shows what the school is really like, without any masks.

There are a lot of organizations students can get involved with on campus.

This can help them have a great college experience and at the same time they can gain much from being a part of something on campus.

“I’m really active on campus,” Chris Pulu, freshman public affairs major, said.

“I want to showcase all of what La Verne has to offer its diverse student body.”

Pulu is a recognized student on campus.

He is a senator at large for ASULV and involved with several clubs and committees on CAB.

Recently he won Residential Housing Association student of the year from the Pacific Affiliation of Colleges and Universities Residential Halls, a National organization.

In only its second semester of student bloggers Pulu already has thoughts on ways to improve it because he feels that most of the bloggers are involved students.

“I feel that perspective students would benefit from a non-active student too,” Pulu said.

“They can have their side and might help their decision.”

In the end bloggers just want to share how much of an impact La Verne has made in their lives and hope that future students can come to this very recognized institution.

“My goal is to share my experiences with potential students and show them how beautiful this campus is,” Burgess said.

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