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Singles take back Valentine’s Day

College Panhellenic Association members Kacey Hall, Jocelyn Bravo and Debbie Allison gather around a chocolate fondue fountain with cookies, pretzels and bananas. ASULV and CAB sponsored the event in Sneaky Park on Valentine’s Day, to make the day more enjoyable for single students. Supplies for Valentine cards were provided, as well as a chance to break a heart-shaped piñata. / photo by Candice Salazar

Alexa Palacios
Staff Writer

Singles were able to toss away their worries of being alone and having no plans on Valentine’s Day because Singles Awareness Day, an event held by the Campus Activities Board.Organizers gave single students a chance to celebrate themselves and feel involved on the predominantly couple-oriented holiday.

The first 100 students at the event in Sneaky Park from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. received “I Love Me” shirts.

A chocolate fountain, crepes and piñata were also among the treats available for students who attended.

The event for the night, held at 10 p.m., was dinner and the showing of the movie “Valentine’s Day” in the Campus Center Ballroom.

It was an action-packed event during the day with music, ASULV handed out custom shorts as gifts and there was a booth promoting Sorority Recruitment Weekend.

The night event offered large amounts of food and was a charming environment for those students who came out to enjoy an evening without a significant other.

“I just thought it was a joke kind of day. People make such a big deal about Valentine’s Day and their significant other and it just sucks for those who don’t have anyone,” said sophomore criminology major and CAB Films Committee Chairwoman Carina Gonzalez.

“We wanted to do a movie and dinner for those who did not have any plans, and out of that came Singles Awareness Day.”

The students who came to the day event were lured by the food and the limited t-shirts. They seemed to enjoy the event and the concept, since it celebrated singles and made the day more comfortable for those who lacked a significant other.

“I love it. People are single and that is just how it is. We are in college and we are most likely not in a relationship. It’s just fabulous,” sophomore speech communications major Gab­rielle Ontiveros said.

Sophomore political science major Nichole Delgado said that for those without a significant other, the event did not single anyone out and that Valentine’s Day is more like a corporate holiday.

The event coordinators and attendees really showed the camaraderie and understanding that exists within the students on the ULV campus.

“For me, I see it as like putting a positive spin on Valentine’s Day for singles,” said CAB Committee Chair­woman and senior broadcast journalism major Stephanie Rojas.

“Usually Valentine’s Day is for people in relationships, but here we all love each other.”

The next event being held by CAB’s Films Committee will be on March 24 in La Fetra and the movie “Tron: Legacy” will be shown.

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