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Young artists display their talents at Ink’d Chronicles

Cheryl Regan
Staff Writer

During the downtown Pomona Art Walk this month, the artwork of Gustavo Quintana and Lorenzo Ramirez were featured at the tattoo shop Ink’d Chronicles.

Quintana is just out of high school and Ramirez is a high school senior.

Both artists are self-taught and have only been painting for three years.

This is both Ramirez and Quintana’s first time showing any of their artwork.

Their artwork covered the walls of the tattoo shop as both of the artists offered some of their work for sale.

“Even if I don’t sell anything, I am happy to have my work here,” Ramirez said.

Owner Terry Dipple, a University of La Verne alumnus, was happy to have Ramirez and Quintana at his shop.

“Gustavo and Lorenzo came in here to show me their work and asked if I would want to put up their work for the Art Walk and I said yes,” Dipple said.

Ink’d Chronicles has been open for three-and-a-half years with four tattoo artists and one person who pierces.

“Downtown Pomona wouldn’t let me have a tattoo shop in the middle of downtown, so I made this my permanent residence by having my living space in the back and the shop in the front,” Dipple said.

Both Quintana and Ramirez want to pursue their painting career and go to Laguna College of Art and Design.

“Since I was young, I have always loved to draw,” Quintana said. “I am selling my work to make some money, so I can buy more supplies.”

One of the paintings that Quintana displayed in Dipple’s shop was priced at $1,000.

“I am selling it for that much because the frame is one hundred years old, and there aren’t frames that are sold with so much detail anymore.,” Quintana said.

Quintana said that he works mostly with black and white because he is color blind.

“I can’t really see colors like everyone else can, so I mostly do black and white because I can see both colors like everyone else,” Quintana said.

Ramirez paints with every kind of color because he likes his paintings to be bright and colorful.

He said he likes to put two canvases on top of each other, to make the painting pop more.

Both Ramirez and Quintana said that they were very happy to be showing their work at Ink’d Chronicles.

“We are very fortunate of Terry for letting us show our work here,” Ramirez said.

Many people showed up to support Ramirez and Quintana.

They both said that they cannot wait for the next show to show off more of their work.

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