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ASULV needs presence in campus issues

Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez

While the Associated Students of the University of La Verne represent the student body of the University of La Verne, not many can name exactly what their duties entail.

“When faculty, staff and upper administration need feedback on their current or future actions, it is ASULV’s responsibility to speak on behalf of the entire student body,” Executive Vice President of ASULV Debbie Allison said.

The problem is that very few students actually know ASULV does that.

Some of ASULV’s duties include deciding which student clubs, CAB events and other student activities will receive funding.

These duties mean they have to have an understanding and a connection to the students they govern.

So, how does ASULV know the true perspective of the student body if we do not know what their job is?

ASULV holds open student forums, but their times and locations are not widely known.

Although ASULV may address large issues at the forums their effects still remain a mystery to the student body.

The issue is not that ASULV does nothing for the students; it is the fact that the students are left in the dark about what is being addressed and changed.

Students do not know how to voice their concerns to the student government or if their concerns are even bothered with.

“We are the government part of the school,” freshman Senator At-Large Bethie Ross said.

Many may not be aware of what ASULV is doing because they do not make the campus aware of their presence.

Some students are under the misconception that the duty of ASULV is to put on events such as dances and movie nights.

However, these are the responsibilities of the Campus Activities Board.

“CAB fosters the relationship between students and school spirit while ASULV builds the relationship between students, faculty, staff and the community around us,” sophomore Senator At-Large Ava Jahanvash said.

It is great that ASULV does these things for us, but it would be even better if the students were aware of them, which could be easily achieved if ASULV publicized what they do.

It is a self-inflicted criticism because the students do not know what it is being done for them.

For example, the last time a truly open forum was held was on March 12, 2010, close to a year ago.

This leads to the obvious; ASULV’s knowledge of the student body’s perspective must be wrong if they have not held a forum for almost a year.

ASULV has good intentions for the University, but they are not being aggressive enough in promoting their actions and following through with the mysterious things they fight for on behalf of the student body.

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