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Commentary: There is hope after all

Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor

For the last four seasons the football programs has been at the bottom of the La Verne sports totem pole.

The baseball program went to the SCIAC tournament three out of four seasons, and won the tournament once.

The women’s volleyball team had an undefeated season and went to the NCAA championship game.

Those are just two of the programs that have had success while our football team has fumbled.

It has not been because of a lack of talent. They were always within reach of the opposing team, but something always seemed to fall apart at the end.

Last season did end on a positive note, when the team snapped its 19-game losing streak by beating Whittier, 49-23.

After the season, however, the athletic department finally made the decision that a record of 4-32 and a 19-game losing streak was simply unacceptable and enough was enough: Andrew Ankeny had to go.

The search for a new coach was kept secret and no one really knew whom the candidates were.

It was not until March 3 that the announcement was made that the new head coach was Christopher Krich, a defensive coordinator from Millikin.

It was not expected that La Verne would hire a former NFL coach or from a Division I school, but Krich has positive track record at Division II and Division III schools and many of us can agree that it cannot get any worse than what we have had.

When writing the story about the new coach I was hesitant in speaking to players, afraid that they may refuse to comment to protect themselves, but they had no problem telling me how excited they were about Krich coming to La Verne.

I heard talk of hope, change and very high expectations for the upcoming season. There was no hesitation in saying that they expect to contend and win SCIAC next season.

Those are very high expectations from a team that has had little success, but it is a good sign of the confidence the men have in their game and each other.

The hiring of Krich has given the players a sense of hope.

When they would speak of previous seasons, everything seemed so negative. Now all I hear is positive.

Just speaking to the players makes me excited and eager to go to the games next season, something I had not experienced before when it came to the football program.

It is not going to be easy to win SCIAC next season. The players are going to have to work harder and longer, but there is no doubt that hiring Krich has given the football team the push it needs to work its way back up the totem pole.

Elsie Ramos, a sophomore journalism major, is sports editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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