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Events make freshmen feel welcome

Alexandria Orozco
Staff Writer

Starting the first year of college can be exciting and scary.

You are not completely sure of what to expect or positive if the dozens of television shows and movies about Greek life paint an accurate picture of the what college life has to offer.

The only way to find out the truth is to experience it.

“La Verne wasn’t what I expected in the beginning,” freshman Rebekah Reza said.

“All I really knew was that it was small and really quiet. I think that in the end, school is what you make of it, but my last semester went really well.”

Freshmen such as business administration major Oseas Chavaque and liberal studies major Emerson Arias both agreed that the diversity on campus is something that they both value and were happy to be exposed to during their first semester.

“After the first month I was able to adapt to the students and I just love this campus because of the diversity on it,” Chavaque said.

The Office of Admissions and Campus Activities Board gave out small mementos to freshmen in order to make students feel more at home this year.

“All the communication and publication (to) prospective students is through admissions and for us, our purpose is to keep the students engaged,” Adam Wu, assistant director of admissions said.

This was the reasoning behind the admissions department giving out La Verne flags in the admitted students folders last spring and the personalized notebooks that were given to all freshmen during summer.

Activities set up during the first few weeks of school were geared towards freshmen and helping them to get out of their dorm and socialize with their peers.

Even the second semester was started with a freshman reunion program which ASULV put on.

“I think that they have tried to incorporate freshmen by having activities,” freshmen psychology major Ofelia Lopez said.

“They took the initiative to have events and it was up to us to take advantage of that. Some of us went and some of us didn’t.”

There is no doubt that freshmen this year have received a lot of small gifts.

This has made upperclassmen feel like this year’s incoming class has been treated better than any other class.

“I told my roommate, who is a freshmen, ‘Man you guys got spoiled’,” senior Spanish major Marlen Zaragoza said.

“Even the girls who came in a year after me didn’t get anything like that. The events that are put on for freshmen are way better than when I was a freshman.”

Zaragoza also said that this special treatment could be due to the fact that the budget has grown with this large freshman class, so financially they wereable to do more for the new student body this year more so than in previous years.

“We are not trying to focus in on strictly freshmen, although they are a big class. We are just trying to get as many people as we can to come out,” CAB Concert Chairman Michael Lindsey said.

In the end it is about getting all ULV students involved and for every program on campus to take a step forward and be more beneficial each year.

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