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Give diversity groups a chance

Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez

When applying to La Verne, students read and hear about how diverse the University of La Verne is. With eight established cultural groups on campus, and still more being suggested and created, you would think it would be easy to live up to this claim.

However, the focus once you attend La Verne seems to shift in an odd way. Instead of the integral involvement of diversity groups on the campus, all you hear about is the Greek system. If it were not for the occasional flier or the students devoted to their cause, many diversity programs would go unnoticed to the student body.

The overpowering presence of letters, fliers and recruitment events that happen every semester threaten to push the diversity that La Verne praises into the shadows of the Greek system.

With formal recruitment having just ended, it is understandable that the excitement has not worn off among newest members of the four sororities and two fraternities on campus.

The three weeks that are the rise and fall of excitement put the campus on edge for many, and unfortunately that excitement also blocked out the diversity week that was meant for the cultural organizations.

Last week, the campus hosted eight events for students to attend and get to know the groups and different cultures that are present on campus. Due to the school being in Greek mode, Diversity Week was overlooked most of the student body.

The Greek system has taken our attention to such a degree that Black History Month events that took place throughout February had few people in attendance. The posters for the events were up long before recruitment happened, but the crowding on the bulletin boards left all diversity fliers behind other advertisements. The University needs to pay more attention to the culture on the campus.

Instead of allowing the Greek system to be on full swing constantly, there should be more equality, more diversity, and attention to diversity on campus.

Give the culture groups on this campus an outlet that the Greeks cannot touch so that La Verne can rightfully say that our cultural groups are active year round and that we truly value diversity.

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