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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I actually liked the article “Give diversity groups a chance” (March 11). To me, the article spoke truth. It pointed out to me that there were events held for Black History Month and I had no idea because I saw much more advertisement for Greek life.

Some of the Greeks are a bit forward with their campaigning which was why, once again, I decided not to go through the process of entering a fraternity with other potential frats.

One example of the Greeks overpowering other organizations was the fact that ISO had an incredible trip to the Grand Canyon, which later I found out not many people knew about, the reason likely being that the Greek organizations were promoting their white party or the Mardi Gras party much more than what would be sufficient.

Frankly, the Greeks should tone it down so that other clubs can have a better opportunity to grow and be known.

Daniel Sillas

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