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Marcos appointed La Verne Magazine editor

Junior journalism major Angie Marcos serves as the editor in chief of La Verne Magazine. Marcos previously served as a staff writer for two semesters on La Verne Magazine and participated in the Campus Times for two semesters. / photo by David Bess

Branden del Rio
News Editor

This semester the La Verne Magazine is under the leadership of its new editor in chief, Angie Marcos.

Marcos, junior journalism major, has plenty of experience in the Communications Department.

“It’s totally an honor. We have a great staff, great stories and I can’t wait to see the finished product,” Marcos said.

She has previously been a staff writer for La Verne Magazine for two semesters and is on her third semester.

She also wrote for the Campus Times; she spent one semester as a staff writer and another as LV Life editor.

Typically editors are selected at the end of the previous semester, but that was not the case for Marcos.

She was offered the job a week before the spring semester began.

Marcos said she jumped right in and did not give herself too much time to think about her decision.

She said that this semester the magazine will feature a few restaurant pieces, a few history articles and several profile pieces.

Marcos will be writing a profile about President-select Devorah Lieberman.

Marcos said that she does not wish to significantly alter the magazine but instead add her personal touch to it.

“I’ve had great examples of editors in chief and they add their own bit of their passion and I want to add a little bit of mine,” she said.

George Keeler, professor of journalism and La Verne Magazine adviser, selected Marcos because he felt that she was the right person at the right time to keep the magazine at its championship level.

“When I think of a student publications leader I think of Angie. She’s a great writer, an excellent organizer and she works well with other students,” Keeler said.

“She’s respected for these abilities in our department. We are one the best collegiate magazines and I know that Angie will help keep us at that high level.”

Kristen Campbell, sophomore journalism major, was chosen to continue as editor in chief of the Campus Times for a second semester.

“Our staff is really large this semester which can be a lot of work,” Campbell said.

“But we have a big group of fantastic editors that make the job and the editing process run smoother.”

“We are looking to build on the success of last semester,” said Elizabeth Zwerling, associate professor of journalism and Campus Times adviser.

“I was happy that many of our editors are returning from last semester and we have some brand new editors to fill out the editorial board.”

Courtney Gooden, senior radio broadcasting major, will continue her yearlong job as program director of LeoFM.

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