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Restaurant Review: Cupcakery has tastes for everyone

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Michael Phillips
Copy Editor

Before going to My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario, I had always thought of cupcakes as miniature cakes that came in chocolate or plain flavors topped with vanilla, chocolate or holiday themed frosting and sprinkles.

However, visiting the bakery challenged all that I thought I knew about cupcakes.

From the outside it looks like a typical small bakery.

There are two small black tables near the windows with short child-like stools lined up in front of them.

The bakery is owned by mother and daughter duo Melinda Moreno and Naomi Moreno.

All of the Cupcakery’s recipes come from Naomi, who gets inspiration from a variety of places.

What makes My Delight Cupcakery’s treats stand out from other bakeries is the array of different flavors they offer.

There is the breakfast cake which is a buttermilk cupcake filled with bits of smoked bacon, topped with butter like maple frosting and bits of bacon.

There is also a vegan cookies ‘n’ cream cupcake which is a chocolate cupcake, topped with vanilla frosting and crushed organic Oreo cookies.

The bakery also offers traditional flavors like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, but adds their own twist to them.

The vanilla is a Madagascar bourbon cupcake with white frosting and white chocolate sprinkles.

The strawberry is made with real strawberries and contains strawberry cake topped with strawberry frosting.

With so many choices, it was difficult choosing which ones to try.

I decided to try the breakfast cupcake, the vanilla and the vegan cookies ‘n’ cream.

At first the idea of bacon, cake and frosting together seemed foreign but after the first bite it felt completely right.

The cupcake was soft and moist and the bits of bacon baked inside the cake were perfectly crisp.

The blend of the cupcake, the sweet maple syrup and bacon bit topping made it feel as though I was eating pancakes and bacon.

“I love the frosting the most,” English major Lauren Brown said.

“The cupcake part is okay but the frosting and the bacon on top seals the deal for me.”

The vanilla cupcake was extremely sweet and flavorful. Biting into it reminded me of vanilla bean flavored ice cream. The Madagascar cupcake and the thick white frosting blended together perfectly.

One of the most intriguing things about the bakery’s cupcakes was how the frosting and the cupcake seemed to be one.

The frosting on My Delightful Cupcakery’s cupcakes was spread in a manner that blended the cake and the frosting.

None of the cupcakes made at the Cupcakery contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives and they offer a different vegan cupcake daily.

Besides their regular menu the bakery offers a flavor of the week and flavor of the day including Mexican hot chocolate, raspberry cheesecake, apple pie, caramel macchiato many others.

“The cupcakes taste good and look great. There are not a lot of places where you can get just cupcakes, so it’s great that there is one local,” 21-year-old Pomona resident Tatiana Huizar said.

My Delight Cupcakery is located at 1520 North Mountain Avenue in Ontario.

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