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Showcase kicks off L.A. Fashion Week

Alexa Palacios
Staff Writer

Looking to breathe new life into Los Angeles Fashion Week, the GAP Project Runway Designer Showcase highlighted seven talented designers based in the Los Angeles area.

The host, Emma Zerner, served as a moderater for the course of events throughout the night as well as a buffer in the idle moments of the show.

“I have a fashion background as a former model, but I also serve as a host, actress and I am on book covers,” Zerner said.

In its first year of existence, the GAP Project, produced by Posh R. Events, Entertainment and P.R., was hosted at the Blackstone in downtown Los Angeles last Friday.

The show was a promising step in the right direction for L.A. Fashion Week, which has been struggling for years to gain the notoriety, exclusivity and prominence of New York Fashion Week.

The environment was light and fun and was with almost the feel of a party atmosphere.

Rows of photographers, a disc jockey playing trendy pop music and approximately 100 acutely put-together and fashionable people filled the room to witness the works of the designers.

The showcased fall 2011 collections belonged to Brit Boy Fashions, Melissa Vella, Native Honey Handbags, Alexandria Cipriani, Supastar Clothing, Marialla and RedHawk Brigade.

The designers’ sources of inspirations varied greatly and included couture, Barbie, British fashion and motorcycle chic.

Each collection maintained a cohesiveness that continually referred back to its specific theme.

The designers either created clothing that was minimalist and simple or fantastical.

The attitude of Los Angeles and many of its residents was a prevalent theme in each collection. The attendees seemed to identify with the pieces since the style seemed representative of their own.

The current economic status and a change in attitude has caused the state of fashion to change considerably.

As a result, fashion has become more attainable for the average person, but has still maintained its artistic and fanciful nature.

Since this show was the first of L.A. Fashion Week for most of the designers and models, there is still much to be learned and many changes to be made.

Fashion is a very demanding and difficult business to not only be accepted into, but to become successful in.

With the leverage that comes with being associated with any fashion week, the GAP Project Runway Designer Showcase creators, moderators and producers have the opportunity to make the show a complete success.

“We are hoping to do a show for every line, but as it stands, we are just doing one show for the fall for all of the lines,” said Jennifer Reese, the production coordinator for the show and an employee of Supastar Clothing.

“Although it was their first show I think that they could have been better prepared,” attendee Brittany McDonald said.

“I feel like they were not prepared with timing, display and some designs were lacking merchandise.”

“It was good for a first show, but I feel if they wanted to become known it should have been great,” McDonald added.

“It was good for a first show, but I feel if they wanted to become known it should have been great.”

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