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Students, faculty clean Facebooks

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Jennahway Huerta
Staff Writer

Last week, students and staff gathered in the Campus Center to attend a workshop titled, “Sanitize Your Facebook.”

Facebook has become the new playground of the 21st century, and with this comes the need to moderate how people play.

The popular social network is a place where people can share photos, post comments and communicate with friends.

“Keep a positive online brand, make appointments with the counselors and attend workshops,” Jennifer Mojarro, assistant director of employer relations said.

Presenter and graduate intern James Donnelly gave tips about being aware of the comments being posted and being aware of the people who view Facebook pages.

“It is not necessarily ethical or morally right, but they want to know a little more about you personally,” Donnelly said.

“Employers don’t want to take that risk. This minimizes the risk of hiring someone that is irresponsible.”

Donnelly mentioned that 54 percent of the Facebook users are between the ages of 18 and 34.

Employers are now searching through Facebook to validate the potential new hire.

“Be mindful of all the information that is on your Facebook,” Donnelly said.

In this case, think before posting anything on Facebook.

The last thing a person would want is to not get hired because of a comment or a tagged photo that was posted.

“Be aware of how people may view you,” Donnelly said.

Donnelly explained how to make Facebook work for individuals.

He mentioned to use privacy settings, post information a person may want others to see and to utilize the network.

“It’s a fine line of being in a professional manner and being myself,” Donnelly said.

He explained working on a person’s online brand.

Donnelly made the suggestion about maintaining Face­book, MySpace or LinkedIn by saying that users need to keep everything up to date.

“There is an etiquette on how a person uses Facebook, it should be the best representation of you,” Donnelly said.

The University of La Verne Career Services sponsored the “Sanitize Your Facebook” workshop.

They also gave away free hand sanitizers which went well with the sanitized theme.

If a student needs any advice about what may be appropriate on one’s Facebook or needs help with interviews, visit Career Services in the Campus Center.

Also visit the La Verne website to obtain the PowerPoint and video of the workshop.

“Getting ready for your career begins with freshman year. Make appointments over the phone or on the La Verne websites. We are here to help anyone that needs our assistance.”

“It was a very informative topic. There was information I had wanted to know and was wondering about,” Sharon Hatch, junior legal studies major, said.

“I am glad my son was able to attend to hear this useful information too.”

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