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Students relieve stress with Sock Wars

Sophomore Andrea Arceo enjoyed the Campus Activities Board’s Sock Wars with her friends on Tuesday in the Campus Center Ballroom B. Arceo, a Santa Ana native and a member of the women’s track and field team, is a child development major. This was the first time Arceo had attended a Sock Wars event. / photo by Allison Lavelle

Brittnie Van De Car
Staff Writer

Most people would not have thought that bundling two socks together with neon-colored tape and throwing them at people could be a game.

No serious injuries occurred Tuesday night, however a black light was broken whe a sock was hurled at it.

Students gathered in the Campus Center for a game of Sock Wars put on by the Campus Activities Board.

Sock Wars came to the University of La Verne last year when former CAB Spirit Chair Roger Acevedo, thought that battling with socks wrapped with tape would be fun.

The Sock Wars were started last year during orientation and it was a big hit, so they wanted to bring the fun back.

“We do this because it is a fun, weird activity that students can get involved in,” CAB Spirit Chair Brittany Martinez said.

“Nobody expected ULV students to recognize the idea of a sock war, but we decided it would be fun,” Martinez said.

Students who played last year returned to have a great time and not get hurt.

“Last year I was pegged in the face with a sock by a boy,” sophomore biology major Danielle Burgess said.

“I got hurt a little but there is no evidence of bruises on my face thankfully.”

Sock Wars will make its third appearance to the school in April so that more students can get involved.

Martinez bought 50 pairs of socks and bundled them with neon tape.

“I wanted to come because I like socks and because I am expecting to get a black eye,” Valerie Lezin, freshman pre-law major, said.

The Sock Wars madness began at 10 p.m. and the students participating were excited to go and relieve some stress by throwing socks at one another in the dark.

“I heard about the event through Facebook and was really excited to come back for the second time to play,” sophomore business administration major Spencer Contreras said.

“Last time the game got super intense and I even scraped my knee while dodging from a sock being thrown at me.”

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