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Commentary: Fine facilities are underused

Daniel Hargis, Associate Sports Editor

At most colleges and universities, gyms and workout rooms are open for most of the day for the students to use at any time.

However, the University of La Verne is not most colleges and universities, as the gym and workout room hours are minimal.

Our gym does not have any listed hours to be used for recreational basketball, so if you want to play with friends you have to hope that it is open. My friends and I have fallen victim to this situation before and it leaves us having to play off-campus or to not play at all.

If you ever have the urge to go workout in the weight or cardio rooms on the weekend, you are out of luck because neither is open at all on Saturday and Sunday.

When they are open, they are not open for very long, the most each are open are Mondays, seven and a half hours for the cardio room and 10 hours for the weight room.

Friday, the day that most people have the most free time during the week, the cardio room is open for three hours and the weight room for four.

These hours are so limited apparently because of the lack of Work-Study hours at ULV.

The workout rooms and gyms at UC Santa Barbara are open for 16 and a half hours a day Monday through Thursday, 14 and a half hours on Friday, 12 hours on Saturday and 12 and a half hours on Sunday.

It is understandable that the enrollment, thus the number of work study students, is much higher at UCSB.

But I also believe that the students who have the time can benefit from longer hours in the workout rooms and the gym being open as well.

To participate in recreational sports in the gym, an attendant needs to be present, which can be avoided by creating a liability release that every student must sign.

Once again, UCSB has it right on the money with a mandatory liability form that releases any possibility of legal action by a student who gets injured while using the gym.

During a busy 16 week semester where many students battle with an onslaught of classes, labs, homework, projects and tests, it is nice to be able to go out on the court and relieve some stress. However, it is frustrating that accomplishing this is nearly impossible.

These problems are not irreversible, though. In addition to the waiver, more work study students can be hired to keep the workout rooms and gym open longer.

There are enough students who wish to use the fine facilities we have in the Athletic Pavilion, but their needs are not met.

In a world where health and fitness is widely promoted, ULV does not adequately accommodate its students to strive for those very things.

Daniel Hargis, a freshman journalism major and Spanish minor, is associate sports editor of the Campus Times. He can be reached by email at

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