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Freedom, chaos in Egypt discussed

Blake Humphrey
Staff Writer

Fulbright scholar Naeema Ali Abdelgawad hosted the discussion “Egypt: Between Freedom and Chaos,” on March 24 as part of the Hot Spots lecture series.

bout 25 people were in attendance.

She discussed the current situation in Egypt and the actions of Gamal Mubarak, son of recently overthrown dictator Hosni Mubarak.

“He kept degrading the Egyptian people in a very humiliating way,” Abdelgawad said. “He was treating them like slaves.”

Abdelgawad said Hosni Mubarak had changed his ways in the last 10 years by letting the citizens live in freedom, while his corrupt son Gamal Mubarak was working to take over power and keep the Egyptian people from free practices.

She said the citizens of Egypt were grateful to Hosni Mubarak for his control of the corruption, and that they revolted in response to his son.

Abdelgawad blamed the Egyptian unrest on an educated society which has been underpaid and unskilled.

Those in attendance were passionate about the topic and share their opinions and questions.

“I have not heard from a single Egyptian, besides you, that the Egyptian people like Hosni Mubarak,” Nawal Atoura, junior business administration major, said.

Abdelgawad responded by pointing out the freedom Hosni Mubarak gave the Egyptian people.

“Now, if they wanted to speak freely, they spoke freely,” Abdelgawad said. “If they want a talk show, they can get a talk show and if they want freedom of expression, they get freedom of expression. He gave them everything.”

“There is a difference when you analyze history and when you live history,” Atoura said.

Yehia Mortagy, professor of information technology and decision sciences, also disagreed with the analysis.

“My belief is that Hosni Mubarak, himself, was corrupt,” Mortagy said. “A good man will stop his son if he is corrupt.”

“We are fortunate enough to be able to have the freedom to express the ideas that we believe in,” Mortagy said. “That is all that really matters.”

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