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Greek Week canceled for poor sportsmanship

Rachel Creagan
Staff Writer

This will be the first spring semester in years that La Verne has held Greek Week events, which in for the past 15 years been a highlight in Greek Life on campus.

In the past Greek Week has held activities that help serve the community, strengthen friendships and are a good time for those involved.

Last year, however, some instances of poor sportsmanship caused administrators to put the event on hold at least for a year.

“Basically, administration felt Greek Week was becoming too competitive and instead of creating Greek unity for that week, it separated the organizations,” Michael Lindsey, president of Phi Delta Theta, said.

Many Greeks, especially graduating seniors said they are upset they will not be able to participate in the fun-filled week for their last year at ULV.

“In a lot of peoples’ eyes, it is like a sport,” Lindsey said. “If you have a baseball team, why are you not going to have them compete? There is nothing wrong with competition.”

The organizations pulled together to try and revamp the standing Greek Week into less of a competition and more of a unity-promoting event.

“Even when we proposed our ideas, I guess it wasn’t something better because we never heard any feedback,” previous Iota Delta President Bernadette Smith said.

“We finally got confirmation at the end of March, but Greek Week takes months to plan, and none of us wanted to have a crappy Greek Week,” Iota Delta President Brittany Martinez said.

“It is really hard to get people to change their minds, especially when you have a lot of senior Greeks who don’t want to change it,” Lindsey said. “I can see where administration is coming from, but I don’t think we needed to go as far as completely getting rid of the old Greek Week. I think we could have made changes to make it work better.”

Some fear that no Greek Week may have a negative effect on recruiting future pledges.

“It is what attracts outside people that come to La Verne,” Smith said. “As soon as they are interested in Greek life, it’s the first thing to catch their eye because of the array of events we do. I fear less people will be informed and interested in Greek life.”

Others said they think this is just a one year void and Greek Week will be back again next year, as long as changes are made in time to make administration happy.

“We are still hoping to do Greek awards as a way to celebrate,” Martinez said. “Even if we aren’t having a Greek Week, we’ve still been working all year to do good things.”

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