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Health is the focus of Frisbee fling

Jacob Acevedo, CAB intramural chairman, organized Get Fit Frisbee Tuesday at the University Mall. Though turnout was lower than expected, the students who did participate enjoyed the music, sunshine and fresh fruit snacks along with the early afternoon Frisbee game. As the name suggests, the event was designed to get students out and moving. / photo by Victoria Castaneda

Genesis Miranda
Staff Writer

An intramural game of Frisbee was set up on Tuesday in the University Mall by Jacob Acevedo, junior business administration major and Campus Activities Board intramurals chairman, to encourage students to have fun and be healthy.

Acevedo hoped to get the attention of students passing by to come and join in a game of Ultimate Frisbee with music playing and a table full of healthy snacks.

“Like most of my events, my goal is to get people out here,” Acevedo said.

“For this event specifically, I want to promote healthy eating and activities.”

Though the turnout was lower than he’d hoped, Acevedo and a couple of friends started throwing a Frisbee to get it going.

Freshman Michael Ryan Cesena tried to get passersby involved by casually throwing the Frisbee in their direction.

Although some students did not have time to stop and play, many were encouraged to indulge in healthy snacks provided such as vegetables, fruit and water.

As students walked out of class and others headed for Brandt Hall, they stopped by the table to ask what the event was about.

They noticed the table with snacks and helped themselves before heading to class.

Acevedo was positive about this event and kept playing with his friends while waiting for other students to join in.

“I didn’t set up a tournament this time,” Acevedo said.

“I hope to just get some stragglers walking by.”

Michael Shather, senior communications major, stopped by before going to work on his senior project.

“I’m really into Frisbee golf,” Shather said as he tossed the Frisbee with Acevedo and Cesena.

He tried to help Acevedo by picking up the microphone and trying to get students’ attention by yelling, “Hey you in the shirt,” to those walking by.

“I like all the intramural games,” Cesena said.

“Unfor­tunately not a lot of people come to the smaller events.”

Acevedo was able to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee with a couple of his friends when freshman Angelica Catalan joined in.

“I walked by today and saw this event,” Catalan said.

“The weather is nice today and it looked like lot of fun to join in the fun.”

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